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Why A Healthy Snack Delivery Service Offers You Convenience and Variety

Why A Healthy Snack Delivery Service Offers You Convenience and Variety

Snacking is inevitable, especially during a long day at work. The times between meals can seem like they last a lifetime even if it is just a few hours. Between these meal times, you might find your energy levels dwindling and your stomach growling. So in these times, you need to find yourself a snack. While it may seem easy to reach for a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps, these types of food only supply you with a short burst of energy that won’t sustain you in the long run.

Instead of unhealthy options, you should be looking for healthy snacks to help you get through the day, whether it’s during a mid-morning break or for an afternoon pick me up. A great way to have healthy snacks at home or in the workplace is by taking advantage of a healthy snack delivery service.

Here is why a healthy snack delivery service can benefit you.

Healthy Snack Box Benefits

Many companies, including us as POW Food, offer healthy food delivered straight to your door or to your office. Here are some reasons why:

Boosts Productivity & Engagement

Snacks are essential at work, as a growling stomach, headache and sleepiness are easy distractions to an employee. Food is designed to give you energy. This energy can help you to improve concentration, allowing you to be more productive. Snacks that are high in sugar or carbs can give you a good initial boost of energy that will help you get work done, but once you burn through that energy you’ll be back to where you started or possibly feel even more tired. The spike in blood sugar will cause you to crash.

This is why healthy snacks are a better choice to boost productivity, as they provide you with a slower release of energy so you can remain engaged for longer. Look for snacks that are high in protein or fibre, while also being made from healthy ingredients with little oil or sugar. Check for ingredients such as vitamin C, magnesium, folic acid and B12, which can have both short term and long term effects on a person. These will give you the boost that will get you through the day, without the risk of a sugar crash.

Providing free snacks will send a clear message to your employees that you value them, boosting their morale and wanting them to be more productive to please the company or boss. Having them will also improve relationships between employers. If there are snacks available in the break room or other space, employees are more likely to run into each other and have a chat, especially with people they might not sit near or talk to regularly.

Increase Happiness & Mental Health

A happy worker is a productive worker. If an employee is feeling happy and fulfilled at work, they will find it a lot easier to get work done. One of the best ways to keep workers happy is to make them feel appreciated. If you are providing healthy snacks to them, this will make them feel like they are cared for. Everybody loves free stuff, so providing free stuff that is also healthy and beneficial to them will make them feel valued.

Investing in healthy snacks will help to keep your workers happy, which in turn will encourage them to get more work done. Some ingredients in food have also been linked to rising endorphin levels, the hormone that will keep you happy.

While also increasing happiness, healthy snacks have been linked to having a big impact on your mental health. If you are nutritionally deficient, this can actually lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It has also been proven that there is a link between an unhealthy gut and mental illness. So prevent this by offering food and drinks that will improve your gut health, such as Genie Kombucha from POW Food.

So providing healthy snacks for your workers will make them feel appreciated. At the same time, the ingredients inside them will keep them happy and productive over a long day at work with the added benefit of improving their mental health. Healthy snacks will lead to improved mood, cognitive function and energy, while also improving stress management and self-esteem.

Healthier Employees

Of course one of the biggest benefits of providing healthy food to your employees is that it helps make them more healthy. In a modern work culture, a lot of people bring unhealthy snacks or rely on non-nutritious food from a local shop to sustain them. Even a healthy employee can be tempted by a vending machine full of crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks.

But by encouraging them to eat healthier with snacks, you’ll actually be encouraging them to make changes to their lifestyle overall. They might consider switching from an unhealthy fast food lunch to a more nutritious option, due to feeling encouraged by the healthier snack they’d had mid-morning. You might even find that getting rid of the vending machine and only having healthy snacks will do wonders for your employees, even if they are resistant to the change at first.

Healthier employees are also much less likely to take sick days as their immune systems will be in optimal condition.

If you are encouraging employees to eat healthier, this will also make them want to stay at the business longer. Food is one of the best amenities a workplace can offer to people as it can make them feel valued and like they matter. Healthy snack or meal delivery to an office will be great for morale and also encourage them to be healthier. Having better retention also means you’ll save a lot of time and money not having to look for new employees.


Having food delivered to your office is very convenient. It means you as a boss or manager don't have to go out and find food to stock the kitchen with, wasting time that could be better spent working. With delivery, you can simply pick the products you want and have them delivered directly to your office with barely any time out of your day. If you have staff working from home, you can also send them snacks as well so they feel part of the office environment even if they’re not currently in it.

You’ll also encourage employees to leave the office less to go for lunch, snacks or coffee. These frequent trips out of the office can have an impact on efficiency and productivity, so having food and snacks on site will help them meet their nutritional requirement and stop trips out of the office for unhealthier options.

Snacks & Ready-Cooked Meals Delivered To Your Door

For healthy snacks delivered straight to your employees in the office or working from home, shop with POW Food today. Our business is focused on providing powerful nutrition for the body and mind, perfect for keeping healthy and giving employees a boost to get through the day. How does it work? Simply choose great dishes and snacks with us, and then we can provide onsite catering or home delivery to your employees working remotely.

We offer a great selection of amazing POW ready meals such as sustainability sourced baked Moroccan Salmon or grass-fed British Cottage Pie along with a range of sumptuous sides, soups and desserts. If you’re more in the market for amazing healthy snacks, check out the POW Pantry now. We have everything from superfood snack boxes and vegan oat truffle POW balls to pressed juice, kombucha and supplements.

Our dishes are crafted by professional chefs with no artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings or additives along with no refined sugar and ethically sourced ingredients. Everything we stock can help support your body and mind, packed with vitamins and healthy ingredients to give you that boost you need to get through the day.

So if you want delicious and nutritious healthy snacks and meals delivered directly to your door, email now at hello@powfood.co.uk to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team. The best way to experience POW Food is to see it for yourself, so visit our website today to browse the full selection of fantastic food we offer and plan your delivery.

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