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Supporting City Harvest charity through our Meal for A Meal program
B-Corp Certified


What we eat today impacts our tomorrow

In March 2023 we became the first female led BCorp catering company. Placing nutrition and sustainability at the heart of all we do, we have a zero compromise approach when it comes to our food and the positive impact we strive to make as a business.

From unrivalled, conscious menu design, to nourishing underprivileged communities in London, we believe in going above and beyond to make a positive difference.

Meet our Nutritionists

Clarissa Lenherr, Registered Nutritional Therapist, BA HONS, DipNT, mBANT, mCNHC is our head workplace workshop Nutritionist

Clarissa graduated from the College of Natural Medicine with a distinction in Nutrition after three years of studying biochemistry and nutritional therapy.

Our workshops cover a breadth of information, from how to balance your blood sugar levels and improve gut health, to how we can boost Clarissa Lenherr, Registered Nutritional Therapist, BA HONS, DipNT, mBANT, mCNHC is our head workplace workshop Nutritionistenergy without relying on caffeine.

Sam Bourne, DipNT, NTCC, CNHC, Registered Nutritionist, Author and Therapist is our head nutritionist

Sam has been with us since the start. Working with the team to build our nutritional promises that all menus adhere to and helping to design menus.

Lily Soutter BSc MSc ANutr was awarded the Sage Faculty for Excellence Scholarship on an annual basis

She has extensive knowledge of the science of food and health, and regularly writes for The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Independent, Women's Health and Cosmopolitan. Lily works with us on both the design of meal plans, meals and with corporate workshops.

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Our nutritional promises

Making delicious food that supports our health and the planet has been an intrinsic part of our ethos since day one. We make sure that every recipe adheres to our nutritional promises which have been designed by our head nutritionist Samantha Bourne, working hand in hand with our chefs.

Explore our nutrition promises:

No Nasties

No preservatives
No artificial flavourings
No artificial colours
No additives
No artificial sweeteners
No refined sugars

Kombu Cooked Grains

To remove traces of phytic acid found in brown rice, quinoa and other grains we double wash and cook our grains with kombu, a seaweed which breaks down the enzymes as well as adding vitamins and minerals to the grains.

Organic Oils

We only cook and use organic oils including extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, flax, hemp and MCT oil.


We use organic culinary adaptogens, superfoods and nootropics including Ashwagandha, maca, Guarana, spirulina, ginger and turmeric in our foods to optimise brain power and help our bodies restore balance and manage stress.

Organic dairy & eggs

We rarely use dairy in our menus but when we do, all of our dairy and eggs are organic. Able to roam free and happy, the animals are fed on hormone free, high quality feed and undergo no routine use of antibiotics. Studies have found that organic eggs have twice as much much omega-3 fatty acids, and much higher percentages of vitamins A and E.

Gut health

Our gut is our second brain and 95% of our serotonin is made here - as our happy hormone it is essential that we nourish our gut in the correct way with prebiotics and probiotics. Our menus are all designed to support our gut health.

Synergy Food Pairings

To optimise the value and absorption of key nutrients. Eg - we pair dark leafy greens with extra virgin olive oil and lemon (vitamin c) to increase the absorption of iron.

Whole Foods

Our menus are 100% natural and celebrate whole foods. 70% of all our options are plant based and naturally rich in protein. We make sure that our purely vegan options contain enough B Vitamins and protein by enriching them with nutritional yeast, pulses, seeds and superfoods.

Making an impact

Gaining our Bcorp accreditation in March 2023, we strive to continually improve our standards and make a positive impact through our work.

Local Growers and Makers

We source our ingredients through local suppliers and independent businesses with the highest standards and aligned values. Our growers and makers use minimal intervention and traditional farming methods, ensuring the best taste, highest nutritional value and the least disruption to the environment. Food, as it should be.

We're proud of our suppliers listed here

Managing Food waste with ReFood

Converting our food waste into fuel, from 2020, we have saved 6.9 tonnes of Co2

3.27 tonnes converted into fertiliser instead of going into landfill. 3 tonnes converted into renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

The hospitality sector has a huge part to play in food waste which results in greenhouse gas emissions. Although we champion zero waste as much as possible, food waste is sometimes unavoidable and so to limit our negative impact, we have partnered with ReFood, the UK’s only fully integrated food recycler who convert food waste into gas for the National grid and liquid compost for local farms.

Our roadmap to carbon neutral

Committed to lead the industry forward, our comprehensive roadmap to carbon neutrality includes a multi-phased strategy focusing on measuring and reducing our emissions, waste management, and the footprint of our menus.

We are currently measuring our scope 1 and 2 emissions, and aim to be offsetting this by mid 2024 through our support of conservation projects and the planting of trees.

While offsetting isn't the answer, we believe in doing something rather than nothing, and first and foremost, our goal will always be to remain conscious and reduce our footprint ahead of offsetting.

Ethical Packaging

We try to reduce the use of packaging and plastic as much as possible.

For cases when we need to use packaging, it is made from non-toxic materials, recycled, and recyclable or compostable.

Did you know that compostable items can only be responsibly broken down in the correct conditions? We work with Vegware to ensure us and our customers dispose of any compostable materials in the correct way.

Supporting local charities

Meals for underprivileged children

City Harvest has been our charity partner since day one. Through our Meal for A Meal program, for every purchase made with us, we provide a meal for an underprivileged child in London.

Since 2019, our customers have supported us in providing over 101,625 meals.

Support for women facing homelessness

The Marylebone Project provides 24/7 safety and support for women facing homelessness in London.

As part of our mission to give back and support women, we provide their residents with fresh, healthy meals with the support of our clients.