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you choose, we cook & deliver

  • From our extensive range of stunning nutritious food options, designed to enhance FOCUS, IMMUNITY AND SUPPORT POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH
  • Mindfully prepared at the POW kitchen by our top chefs, using only the best sourced produce, organic super boosters, sustainable ingredients and superior oils.
    Cooked with taste and healthy precision
  • Within a 30 minute window to the location of your choice.
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What we do

We are the first company in London to nutritionally design food for productivity in the workplace.

Mindfully made, sustainable and responsibly sourced; our food helps you feel well, think well and live well.

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What’s New?

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Nutritionist Statement

” As POW’s Nutrition adviser I can verify that POW food have made every effort to create menus that are designed to support health, energy and focus in the work place.
We use food combining, essential fatty acids and superfoods to carefully craft each dish, snack or treat for maximum nutritional benefit and taste, offering so much choice and imagination in the recipes making it easy and accessible to eat well at work.

As a Nutritional Therapist I regularly educate people in healthy eating and POW make eating well at work more practical.

They go above and beyond, ensuring their foods are exactly what they say they are! ”

– Sam Bourne

If you would like us to design a nutritional plan to help build WELLNESS food into your team feeding programme - please email us to speak to an account manager.

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