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Supporting City Harvest charity through our Meal for A Meal program
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Pow Food’s Big Lunch

Pow Food’s Big Lunch

The Fundraiser Feeding Vulnerable Ladies at The Marylebone  Project (June 7th 2024)

Social and environmental responsibility have been at the forefront of our ethos here at Pow Food since day one. Whether it’s maintaining our B Corp certification, ensuring we’re using the most sustainable resources on the market, or making donations to charities in need, it is something we are incredibly proud of. Through the purchase of each meal, you - the customer - share this responsibility too.

Since 2020, Ali and Emily have been working closely with City Harvest and for every meal sold at Pow Food, 29p contributes to this charity, helping support and feed vulnerable people across London. In addition to that, edible boxed waste from clients goes to their partner The Marylebone Project. This being a successful connection, Ali and Emily wanted to look further to make an even more significant impact. Nearly a year ago now City Harvest introduced Pow Food to The Marylebone Project: a sanctuary and home for around 112 vulnerable women.
Women are provided with life-changing, nurturing support aiding them in overcoming homelessness and lead them to a fulfilled life. In their words, “we believe in providing a safe, supportive environment for women to rebuild trust, learn to re-engage with society and start to rebuild their lives with the support of our all encompassing service provision...we aim to empower (women) to overcome homelessness and live independent, full lives”.

When asking Emily and Ali why they so heartedly support The Marylebone Project, they said, “we believe that with the advantage of accessibility and resources we should make a difference where we can. Life is challenging, and can change overnight; anyone has the capability to end up in an incredibly difficult situation so, if we’re in a fortunate one, we should give back where we can”. On hearing about their site visits to the charity, Ali and Emily found it to be an incredibly supportive space where they feel they can make a visible impact. “The Marylebone Project focuses on 112 women at a time and each of those women
are fully supported and nurtured until they are ready to support themselves. There is an unusuality in that and more opportunity for us as a business to help in that process where possible”.

Please find the Just Giving page linked here

Ali and Emily have had the Eden Project’s initiative “The Big Lunch” (an enterprise facilitating community and charity meetings) in their periphery for a while now and a fundraiser in the name of The Marylebone Project was an immediate and obvious choice. The team at Pow Food are just brimming with ideas. We have been busily brainstorming a vegan and vegetarian menu, dreaming up activities and games, and discussing some creative workshops for The Marylebone Project ladies to get involved in. We are excited to be sending in a group of passionate women to help run the day, from kitchen staff to front of house. And of course Ali

and Emily, steadily at the helm.

We are sharing a Just Giving page below for the opportunity to donate to this incredibly inspiring cause and we hope that you will join us in our efforts for the women at the Marylebone Project. In the future, Ali and Emily are very much hoping to initiate this as an annual event, entrusting continual and constant support for the charity. This is just the beginning!

Please find the Just Giving page linked here.
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