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Top 5 foods to eat that support your mental health

Top 5 foods to eat that support your mental health

It's Mental Health Awareness Week.

Having a healthy obsession with food, we love talking about the impact that the foods we eat on a daily basis can have on our gut health, and on how we feel, from our everyday mood, to our energy, mental performance; and long term mental health.

We spend a large number of our waking hours at work, so when looking over these foods, have a think at how you can eat these while in the office, making healthy eating habits in our everyday lives is the key to long term health. 

  1. Healthy fats: Omega 3 fatty acids 

These fats make up 20% of your brain's weight. They are not only important for your brain, but also your heart, immune system, and many other body’s functions. 

where to find them?

  • Nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish
Tip: try to eat these foods unsalted and un roasted. If you are consuming nut butter, make sure it doesn’t contain added salt, sugar or oils.


  1. Probiotic foods

Your gut has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system, which is connected to your central nervous system. 

The gut-brain axis lets your gut and brain communicate with each other, influencing neurotransmitters that are important to our mental health. Probiotic foods support our gut, and so our mental health.

Where to find them?

  • Kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, live yoghurt 


  1. Antioxidants

Some scientists suggest that antioxidants may benefit mental health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain that can otherwise lead to depression symptoms.

A recent longitudinal study explored diets and depression symptoms of nearly 15,000 adults in Brazil. Findings concluded that a higher total antioxidant intake was associated with a lower risk of depression. 

Where to find them?

  • Pecans, walnuts, and pistachios
  • Fruits, such as berries (seasonal better), plums, apples, and apricots
  • Vegetables, such as broccoli, beetroot, artichoke, and kale
  • Spices, such as cinnamon and ginger


  1. Fibre

Fiber plays a key role in gut health because it serves as food for your “good” gut bacteria.  Like probiotic foods, high-fiber foods can also promote good mental health by supporting a healthy gut microbiome. 

This is because when the microbes use the fiber, they make beneficial compounds, including short chain fatty acids, which could influence the brain.

Where to find it?

  • vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, pulses


  1. Polyphenol rich foods

Found in many plant foods, lots of polyphenols are antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. They may benefit our gut, skin, heart, and brain health.

Where to find them?

  • Fruits, such as berries
  • Vegetables, such as olives, artichokes, and red onion
  • spices, such as cloves, star anise, and oregano
  • Dark chocolate and cocoa powder
  • Coffee, black tea and red wine
  • Extra virgin olive oil
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