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Naturally Lower Calorie Ready Meals And Other Summer Dietary Additions

Naturally Lower Calorie Ready Meals And Other Summer Dietary Additions

There are few tougher tasks than losing weight sustainably - especially during the Summer, with the temptation of BBQ get-togethers, lots of rose, cocktails and ice cream to cool down on the hot days. Sweltering conditions can make intensive exercise a big no-no. Though many of us attempt to lose weight prior to the warmer months of the year, if you’re looking to set yourself a challenge of dropping the pounds during this period, POW Food are here to help out. Our team of professional nutritionists and passionate chefs have the perfect selection of balanced meals, savoury snacks and sweet treats to satisfy your taste buds the healthy way - simply read on for the crucial information.

Cold Pressed Fruit Juices and Kombuchas

Staying hydrated during Summer is a good way to avoid health issues and common heat-related problems, and it can be easy to reach for sugary, concentrated drinks and alcohol mixers when water gets boring. so we’re delighted to offer a selection of cold pressed fresh fruit juice concoctions in our online pantry from Daily Dose, as well as gut-healthy, live bacteria enriched kombucha from Genie. Daily Dose provide a range flavours for assorted preferences, including the traditional Orange juice, a green loving Verde, antioxidant rich Rouge, and antibacterial Zenzero loaded with ginger. Containing plenty Vitamin C and Vitamin A are prominent, while vitamin B1 helps the body process energy, aiding productivity and exercise.

POW Food Healthy Ready Meals

The huge number of specially selected dishes within our online range ensures there are healthy, delicious choices for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences or allergies. Designed by a comprehensive culinary team of nutritionists and chefs to curate meals that are balanced, high quality and support your mind, body, and gut health, we pack in vegetables, high grade protein and slow release carbohydrate into every bite. Whether you want a British favourite like a healthy cottage pie or tikka masala, or a fragrant Asian, or Mediterranean inspired dish, we’re always adding to our selection of healthy organic vegan, responsibly sourced meat and fish meals ready for you to heat and eat and home, or work.

Nutritious Chocolate Brownies

Though chocolate brownies would likely be a big no-go for most diets, we’re all about creating a lifestyle and with that; balance is key. Our Lovingly made brownies without gluten and dairy, using free-range eggs, antioxidant rich cacao, coconut oil and superfoods like goji berries, chia seeds and sour cherries are both indulgent and nutritious bites that will satisfy any sweet craving. Available in large boxes, or as an add on with any meal, these moreish treats are ideal for sharing around the workplace, or splitting with the family as a special evening snack.

Rainbow Vegetable Sides

Vegetable sides are rarely a go to when showered with comfort food options and fried foods, but our flavourful vegetable sides, with options including butterbeans braised with Mediterranean vegetables, superfood salads, and comprehensive stir fry dishes with variable portion sizes, accompanying your main meal in a healthy way is a lot easier.

Alongside the expanding POW Food pantry, our award-winning delicious and naturally lower calorie ready meals are made without gluten and dairy using only high grade ingredients. Acquiring healthy food boxes couldn’t be any more simple, with easy nationwide delivery to homes. Naturally lose weight without compromising on deep flavours and complete nutrition when you opt for our efficient and convenient service. Any queries or product-specific questions? Contact us today.

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