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Cold Press Juices And Other Thirst-Quenching Health Drinks

Cold Press Juices And Other Thirst-Quenching Health Drinks

One of the best ways to unwind in the sun is with a healthy beverage, and whether you're socialising with friends, reading in the shade, or taking the family on a day-trip, you simply can’t beat a chilled drink during The Summer. Packed with goodness and fruity flavours, at POW we understand the importance of nutrition and hydration, which is why our pantry continues to stock chilled beverages which are both refreshing and thirst-quenching. Continue reading for our guide to the very best Summertime drinks, and benefit from the naturally beneficial properties of fresh fruit ingredients.

Cold Press Juices

Cold pressed juices are the ideal accompaniment to an excursion with the kids, and your little ones are likely to love these sweet-yet-nutritious beverages. The POW pantry collection includes flavours and blends as varied as Rouge, Strawb, Orange and Zenzero, with a cold pressed juice the ideal way to add vital vitamins into your diet. Containing up to 1kg of fresh British produce per bottle, share these flavoursome drinks around in the knowledge that our juices are 100% natural, with no additives and no controlling agents.

Fruit Smoothies

Thicker than traditional fruit juice, and often containing larger bits of blended fruit, sipping a smoothie while the sun shines down on you is the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday, and is just as practical for workplace nutrition. Bananas and strawberries often constitute the base of a smoothie, with berries, tropical fruits and assorted citrus flavours all common within. You may even want to make your own blended smoothies, containing your favourite fruits and additional ingredients.

Genie Kombucha

Often consumed for the various health benefits and rich taste, kombucha is somewhat bitter and fizzy, with fruits and spices added for additional flavour. Available in Fiery Ginger, Sweet Citrus and Dry Apple varieties, Genie Kombucha maintains a unique taste which is loved worldwide.Handmade the traditional manner by fermenting for 14 days, this kombucha drink maintains an array of unique flavours. Beneficial for your immune system, kombucha made from black or green tea has strong antibacterial properties, particularly against infection-causing bacteria.


Mocktails are a non-alcoholic alternative to cocktails, and can therefore be enjoyed by all ages. Made by mixing various juices to create distinctive flavours, mocktails can be easily made at home, or purchased online. Experiment with various fruits and discover that ideal combination. Of the required vitamins and minerals for daily consumption, vitamin C can be found predominantly in 100% juice, helping to build strong bones, healthy teeth, and skin. At POW Food, we provide an expansive range of branded health supplements, alongside meal plans for employees and workplace nutrition products. Making sure to always align ourselves with companies who share our vision, if you’re looking for  a way to conveniently support your wellbeing, explore our online catalogue today. Any questions? Simply contact the team - we would be happy to help.

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