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Happy international Burger Day!

Happy international Burger Day!

Globally burgers are renowned for being an easy, cheesy, greasy crowd-pleaser but in this day of vegetarianism, diets such as gluten free and low carb, gourmet, healthier and even bun-less burgers have hit the popularity market. Burger Day celebrates the history of this most irresistible of sandwiches! And especially nowadays, they’re amazing because you can customise them to your preferences so easily! Vegan? Not a problem, here’s a variety of plant-based options. Gluten free? Too easy, would you like a sweet potato flour bun or just go straight up bun-less?

These are some popular healthy, delicious, and nutritious burger ideas to try at home, followed by our POW favourite for your office teams: 

Low-carb burger with roasted portobello mushroom CUPS

Recipe here

Paleo Beef & Chorizo Sliders on Sweet Potato “Buns”

Recipe here

Classic Beef Burgers with Cauliflower Buns

Recipe here

Classic Lettuce Burger Buns

Recipe here

The POW GF potato bun or naked burger with sweet potato wedges

Naked-or-not burger days!

Ideal for treating your teams, pop up office lunches; summer parties and evening events. Our GF potato bun burgers have been savoured across London.

Our delicious GF buns are made with potato flour and filled with either our POW mushroom and blackbean patties, grass fed Rare Breed's steak burgers, or free-range chicken breasts with a chilli and lime marinade. Then loaded with all your toppings of choice, from our house spicy tomato relish and pickled onions to our MCT Harissa mayo and heritage tomatoes.

Served with salads and sweet potato wedges cooked with avocado oil.

Looking to treat your teams? Look no further!

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Written by Lauren Burchell, Founder of HoliFit; Health Coach and POW EmPOWer instructor.

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