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Eat well to work well

With the right ingredients, you can boost brain power by as much as 20%, according to the World Health Organisation In an age when we have so much to get done, are tied to our desks and devices and struggle to find enough hours in the day we’re always looking for ways to increase our brain power – focus, energy and mood. Especially while at a desk, we reach for easy, low-quality foods and short-term energy hits like caffeine and sugar. Office cultures don’t always support “healthy food” and habits but these everyday behaviours are having a long term negative effect on our brain power, productivity, mental health.

Its the time of change

Times are changing and with knowledge comes power. What we have learnt is that Nutrition and Productivity come hand in hand. Eating the right food has a significant, positive long-term effect on our mind and body. Workplaces are increasingly waking up to the importance of wellness at work and Nutrition is a major component of this but it’s sometimes difficult to know how and where to start. To make this a lot easier, companies like ours are making healthy eating for productivity accessible, delicious and exciting. We believe that food should be more than just delicious, and so we’ve made ours unique, mouth – watering and functional. Vibrant, satisfyingly filling and nutritionally designed with a purpose, POW Food meals improve workplace culture, increase productivity and support presenteeism.

How dies a poor diet impact your everyday

Food is our fuel and what we nourish our bodies with impacts our energy levels and brain power, from decision making to the speed and clarity of our thinking and work. If we are making poor food choices throughout the day it can significantly affect our productivity in a few ways, including: • Not being able to think clearly • Our mood, feeling low • Feeling sluggish and unwell • Experiencing low energy levels • Our ability to deal with pressure and stress

Food for thought

“The Economist Intelligence Unit researchers state that Employees are also more likely to see their own wellness as being linked with professional success. Companies that build a wellness culture thus acquire a workforce that is not only more focused and engaged, but that sees that culture as benefiting their careers.” Over 90% of our serotonin is made in the digestive system and the gut is known as our second brain with over 100 million nerves. Nutrition is thus a key component to maintaining healthy body functions and brain power. Certain foods help our brains function better, improve concentration, memory and clarity of thought.

The perfect plate for productivity

Balance is key when it comes to our diets. Each food group plays a key role in the functioning of our mind and body and the different dietary components contain essential phytonutritents, vitamins and minerals that are needed for our mind and body to function optimally. We should try to incorporate a compilation of unrefined carbohydrates, lean proteins, colour vegetables and fats to get the most from our daily diets and maximise productivity. The food groups work together, for instance eating fats with carbohydrates can increase absorption of fat soluble nutrients like vitamins A,D,E and K. It can be difficult to route out balanced options that are nutritionally valuable on the high street and achieve this on your own. We at POW have made it our mission to spread the power of wellness through nutrition and education. We aim to make choosing and enjoying healthy food accessible, easy and integral to the workplace. The workplace is an ideal location to raise awareness and change attitudes towards Nutrition, as the key component to increased immunity, focus, energy, positive mental health and workplace productivity. Supplying Sustainably sourced, nutritionally designed food that enhances focus, energy and supports positive mental health, we aim to make a long-standing positive impact for people and the planet. If you would like us to design a nutritional plan to help build WELLNESS food into your team feeding programme - please email us to speak to an account manager.
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