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We know that feeling positive and productive at work depends on lots of factors.  Of course, good nutrition is a central component. Eating well will enhance your natural energy, aid concentration, prevent tiredness, negativity and those afternoon slumps. And there are many other factors too – regular exercise, having a calm mind, good team spirit, empowerment and a sense of purpose too.  We love to celebrate all those people and enterprises trying to make our working life the best it can be and recently discovered Plus X who we’ve become instant fans of! https://plusx.space/ Plus X is a new business, building innovation hubs across the UK with inspiring flexible work space for entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups and bigger corporations. Alongside desks, studio offices or complete floors, their work space offers product making workshops, podcast studios, inspiring event space, yoga space, meditation space and yes, as you may have guessed it - an unrivalled wellness programme for their members. Their latest Brighton Plus X innovation hub opening this month, with incredible rooftop views of the sea and the Sussex Downs will become the healthiest building in the UK!  Plus X Brighton adheres to a global wellbeing building certification called Well Building Standard. Not many businesses are able to secure the top of the range Platinum rating from this governing body but Plus X Brighton are on track. https://www.wellcertified.com/. So what makes them so special? Well Plus X Brighton offers a range of facilities for their members to help support positivity, energy and natural productivity at work.  This includes having developed their own tea blend called ProductiviTEA to help their members draw on healthy hydration and help tackle daily business challenges. Their new innovation hub also offer in-house resilience coaches to help deal with the mental health challenges of running a business, together with visible tips and advice on how to deal with stress in the workplace. Their staff are even trained to spot the signs of poor mental health so they can lend support when required. What’s more, their buildings are designed to tune in with the natural human circadian rhythm with plenty of natural light through generous window space and selected lmood enhancing lighting. Their biophilic strategy provides lush fresh greenery and growing plants including a rooftop terrace for work and play – factors that have proven to create a sense of wellbeing amongst humans. Other features including blankets to help control body temperature, on-site yoga classes, bike hire and business workshops to help learning and collaboration all contribute to the unique formula that is Plus X. We love the Plus X focus on wellness in the workplace and look forward to seeing how their innovation hubs grow across the UK. For more information or to arrange a tour, visit https://plusx.space/
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