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Pow Food Wellness Gift Guide

Pow Food Wellness Gift Guide

We are excited to share with you 16 of our favourite gift ideas that will support self-care and wellness this Christmas, and make your loved ones very happy!?

For the health conscious foodies:

1) Pow Food gift card 

We may be biased but we think our ready prepped, healthy dishes are the ultimate time saving healthy gift for foodies out there who would like a break from thinking about what to cook. Gift cards are available for £40, up to £500.

2) Our place non toxin pans

A 10-in-1 bestselling cookware system that does it all. With a depth suitable for roasting a chicken and a shallowness perfect for flipping an egg, the Always Pan 2.0 sets the gold standard for versatility, effortlessly performing the tasks of ten conventional pieces of cookware.

3) Space goods mushroom adaptogenic drink 

A powerful, potent mushroom & adaptogenic blend designed for taste, performance, and overall well-being. It combines nature's ancient superpowers of mushrooms with other adaptogens for a unique formula.

4) Smeg personal blender 

The Smeg Personal Blender becomes your culinary ally, effortlessly merging diverse textures to craft the perfect smoothie experience. From luscious green blends to indulgent milkshakes, this blender is your ticket to personalised, velvety concoctions that cater to your unique taste and cravings.

5) Marla and primrose, the intimate dopamine hit for your dinner table  

Add a splash of colour to your table with our confetti glassware.

Face and body care gifts:

6) Amly stocking filler 

Infuse holiday joy into their season with AMLY's indulgent Luxury Festive Stocking Filler. Tucked within an enchanting velvet drawstring bag are mini treasures, including Deep Reveal, Cocoon Me, Day Light, and Nocturnal Nectar. Each product, imbued with AMLY's magical touch, brings a dose of joy and radiance to every skincare ritual, making it a perfect seasonal gift.

7) Ilapothecary SOS body balm

Treat your skin to an award-winning herbal balm, a personal oasis for deep hydration and soothing comfort. Relieve tired muscles and give needy areas the extra love they deserve. It's your go-to for a quick, personal touch of nourishment.

8) OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs

Relax and unwind with this effervescent adult bath bomb – your ticket to some well-deserved "me time".

9) Honey infused lip oil gisou 

Nourish your lips with the Honey Infused Lip Oil, a blend of Mirsalehi Honey, Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration, and the exclusive Mirsalehi Bee Garden Oil Blend. Natural actives come together to effortlessly smooth, plump, and define your lips, enhancing their natural color in an instant.

Gifts to help a good nights sleep

10) Lumie body clock

Customise your bedroom lighting with full adjustability—bright for reading or a tranquil soft glow. Experience essential 30-minute sunrise and sunset settings plus popular customizations.

11) Oura ring

Gift the perfect smart ring for monitoring sleep, activity, recovery, and stress—it's ideal for your loved ones or even yourself.

12) Rise and fall organic cotton sheets

Experience the pure comfort of this best-selling linen fitted sheet. Crafted with care from high-quality European flax, it's soft, snug, and gets cosier with each wash. Elevate your bedtime routine with this personal favourite.

13) Loop Switch Ear Plugs

Experience the magic of Loop Switch, where one switch transforms three earplugs for every mood. From relaxation to the dance floor, adapt your sound effortlessly. Your personalized noise control made easy.

14) Morphée Guided Meditation Sleep-Aid Device

Enhance your sleep experience with these screen-free meditation, relaxation, and sleep devices. Crafted with input from sleep and wellness professionals, they are designed to help you achieve a more restful night's sleep.

Gifts for the home

15) Aery diffuser 

Transform your space with these exquisite reed diffusers, each uniquely crafted for your home. Enjoy a continuous, hassle-free fragrance that suits your personal style, from the deep, rich cedar notes to the lighter, floral scents with a hint of fresh citrus. It's the perfect touch for every room!

16) Dyson air purifier 

Experience pure air effortlessly with Dyson's Purifier Hot + Cool. It removes 99.95% of tiny allergens and pollutants, making each breath cleaner. Plus, it's smart—saving you up to 30% in running costs while keeping your space just right. Breathe easy with Dyson.

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