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The True Cost Of Food

The True Cost Of Food

Endeavouring to make a positive impact across our value chain, we put sustainability performance and protecting the environment at the heart of our business, simultaneously creating real opportunities for our clients to make a difference within our SDG focus areas. While commercial and consumer habits are positively shifting and we're seeing people become more environmentally conscious and aware about the security and traceability of our food systems; this comes with natural concerns where lots of work is required. System faults that are predominantly seen in the middle markets where funding from local councils who are responsible for the regulations and environmental / food  standards is limited which inhibits systemic change. Essentially, companies, governing bodies and consumers need to look at the true cost of food and act independently for the future of the food and agricultural industries, eco systems and populations worldwide.

Non-sustainable food may cost less, but only from a financial point of view; before factoring in the costs associated with the nutritional impacts on public health, environmental costs and social justice.

For instance:

  • The annual cost to the environment of the UK’s food system has been estimated at £7.2 billion.
  • 1/3 - or 3.6 million tonnes of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted due to unsustainable systems seen at different points along the supply chain. This is where responsible sourcing becomes key.
  • One in three children go hungry everyday in the UK.
  • Food related sickness costs the NHS £6 billion annually.
Our sustainability pillars

When the true cost of food is reflected, healthy and sustainable products are relatively cheaper to buy than unhealthy and unsustainable ones.

From sourcing grade one, local ingredients and sustainable products, to making ethically-aligned charity and business partnerships with City Harvest and ReFood, at POW we strive to make improvements wherever we can, supported by, and supporting those on this progressive learning journey for the future of food. Find out more about our work and goals here.

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