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Love playing host but find holding dinner parties a challenge?

Love playing host but find holding dinner parties a challenge?

Most of us love playing host but can find the experience more tiring and stressful than we bargained for... 

We all day dream about being the hostess with the mostess and wowing our guests with our "calm and charm'' but as slaving in the kitchen always eats into the night's entertainment and picking up ready made dishes never cuts the mustard it's always a bit of a conundrum.

We know that, and that is why we have created our A La Carte range of impressive and tasty, nutritious dishes. 

POW Ready Meals

It may sound too good to be true but we’ve been working on a fabulous solution that provides all the answers you’ve been looking for. And it’s arrived!

We have designed luxury home dining, party boxes containing all of your favourite POW Food picks. 

Scroll down for our tips and secret solutions for hosting a delicious and nutritious sizable spread. 

From sharing starters, soups, and main courses to dressings, and sweet treats. We will even provide you with salad recipes to accompany our delicious dressings! You will barely have to lift a finger!

Less Waste, Less Time, Less Mess, Less Stress. 

We know life can become overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to keep your social life vibrant, so we have created these convenient dinner party spreads so you really don’t have to worry. 

Spend more time doing what you love: hosting! Regain that quality time back at your table making those meaningful memories and social connections.

Check out our Selection of Home Dining Party Spreads Here

Here are some other useful tips to curate a super soiree …

Lighting & Scent

Lighting and scent can really transform a space. Toast some crostini and slice up fresh citrus for some cocktails to get those delicious smells going to kick start everyone’s appetite. Turning the lights a few degrees lower than you think is always a good idea. Fill the room with earthy scented candles to compensate (we recommend something with oud). The glow of candlelight is universally flattering… your friends will thank you.

Master The Music

To avoid any awkward silences and fill those cringeworthy voids, aim to play music on low volume and always choose lyrics. Music without lyrics can often accentuate those uncomfortable gaps. 

Early Invites

Invite a few of your closest friends (we all have them) over about an hour before everyone is due to arrive. Get them to help you with the last few details, and have a glass of wine to relax before the mayhem commences.

Set The Tone (Or The Boundaries) 

Depending on what kind of dinner party you’re hoping for, and how you want the evening to pan out, let your guests know beforehand. If there are no heels allowed on your fresh wooden floors, tell those ladies prior to them stepping through the door. Let them come prepared (we know how they can get). 

If you want to avoid your guests hanging on to the early hours of the morning, create activities to naturally end the evening. Or tell them you have to be up extremely early tomorrow…whatever works. 


No need to worry about that, POW Food has you covered. All our dishes come in compostable or recyclable packaging and trays so you can pop them straight in the bins after serving. 

Last but most certainly not least: Enjoy Yourself!

What’s the point in having a dinner party unless you have time to enjoy it? The focus shouldn’t just be on everyone else’s experience, they’re also there to spend more time with you! Take a second for yourself, breathe, laugh and take part. We often forget when we are hosting to stop fluttering and to enjoy the whole experience; the deliciously nutritious, vibrant spread on your table, that welcome cocktail, that warming glass of red, and savour some necessary social connection.

As always, we wish you the best of luck, and hope that this information gives you some welcome tips to help you lay on a show-stopping soiree that you and everyone else will remember.
We love hearing your feedback and are always trying to improve our offering so please do let us know your thoughts and reach out with any questions.

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Thanks so much! And Bon Appétit!
POW Food x

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