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Free Lunch For Staff And Other Great Employee Incentives

Free Lunch For Staff And Other Great Employee Incentives

Employee incentives are a great way to retain your workforce, acting as additional benefits for hard-working staff members, making for a convenient treat, or specific reward for exceptional performances. Incentives may even be offered in advance of someone agreeing a contract with a company, to differentiate an employer from competitors and make them an appealing prospect.

At Pow Food Ltd, we love hearing from employers, and have plenty of experience communicating with all industries regarding our meal boxes, so read on for our practical and helpful guide, ideal for boosting team morale and everyday satisfaction.

Free Lunch For Employees

The inconvenience of having to organise lunch every day to bring into the office can be a real nuisance, with the need to purchase,  assemble, cook, and pack away your meal. It isn’t rare to encounter staff who opt for convenient unhealthy snacks, or even worse, skip lunch altogether.

Free healthy meals for work delivered to the office will ensure employees are ready to tackle that workplace slump, energised and encouraged by fresh, healthy ingredients. At Pow, we’re proud to use only the best, responsibly sourced produce, chosen by our team of catering and nutrition experts. Encourage healthy workplace routines today, with delicious meal solutions.

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development opportunities serve a couple of purposes,  enhancing the skillset of employees and expanding their knowledge, while making them more qualified for internal roles and other positions. Development opportunities don’t need to be boring or bland either, with plenty of scope for unique experiences and memorable courses. Encourage the team by emphasising the long-term benefits of adding to their skillset.

Creative Staff Social Events

Staff social events aren’t just an opportunity to have fun and improve morale - they can be a brilliant way to improve relationships between teams, and build upon communication between departments in a relaxed stress-free context. Ideas include a day out at the local bowling alley, quizzes, group hiking, and adventure days for the explorers and thrill-seekers among us. .

Meal And Snack Delivery For Remote Work

Working remotely can in some ways be more demanding than spending time in the office, with plenty of distractions, and limitations when it comes to free time and meal preparation. Thankfully, we can deliver nutritious meals to the very doorstep of your employees, ranging from snacks and sweet treats, to comprehensive veggie-based  pasta dishes, pies, and more. Show remote workers that you care, with distribution and delivery taken care of by us.

Award-winning ready meals from us here at Pow Food are great for your mind and your body, with our nutritionally balanced lunch for staff made of 100% natural ingredients and without gluten and dairy, frozen from fresh to lock in goodness. Build your very own nutritious ready meal boxes packed full of your favourite fresh flavours, or select from pre-selected plans and pantry options. Any questions? Contact us today!

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