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An Essential Guide To Catering For Your Workplace

An Essential Guide To Catering For Your Workplace

Forbes found out in 2019 that healthy eating can improve the producivity of your employees by up to 25%. Catering is an important part of any office. Having tasty and healthy food options available for your employees will make for a more productive and happy workplace.

This catering may take the form of monthly, weekly or even daily energising team (or client) breakfasts to prep employees for the day ahead, healthy lunches to keep your teams focused, or snacks for daily grazing. As an employer, organising a catering service such as varied, healthy and delicious buffet lunches for staff can be hugely beneficial for the running of your workplace, and thus, business. Read on to find out why corporate catering is important, what to look for in a catering service, and some creative ways to provide tasty food options for staff.

Why Is Catering Important?

Having healthy and delicious food readily available in a workplace is an excellent way to keep employees relaxed, happy, and productive. It will allow staff to work more efficiently and effectively, and providing healthy lunches for the workplace can instil a sense of belonging and unity in the business as a whole.

Meal planning for your workplace nourishes your teams and can increase a workplace’s productivity.

Catering Options

There are a variety of catering options available for a workplace. We’ve outlined a few offered at Pow Food below!

Energising Breakfasts

The most important meal of the day and the perfect way to begin a morning, breakfasts can give your workplace a healthy start to the day. Whether it takes place at the start of the week to stop Monday morning blues, or as a Friday treat, team breakfasts can help with communication, morale and allows the entire team to be united and on the same page.

Buffet Lunches

A healthy buffet lunch can be a great investment for your office, not only making your employees feel cared for, but also feeding them food that helps them stay healthy; and reduces the time they spend queuing for lunches out of the office! At Pow Food, our buffet lunches are incredibly delicious and healthy.

Working From Home Lunches

For any staff working out of the office, a work-from-home healthy ready meal lunch can be delivered to their door. Whether to support someone unable to work in-office or just to make those working from home feel part of the team, this is a tasty and yummy way to provide healthy lunches for staff.

Finding A Corporate Caterer

If you’re looking for delicious, healthy lunches for your workplace, as well as an array of corporate food solutions, we can help. Here at Pow Food, we understand that food solutions, such as lunch for staff and meal plans for employees, ensure a productive, relaxed, and happy working environment. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 0345 340 5397 or hello@powfood.co.uk.

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