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Understanding Cold Pressed Juices and Their Benefits

Understanding Cold Pressed Juices and Their Benefits

There’s no better way to start your morning than with a fruity juicy burst of freshness, where juices are both nutrient rich and easy to digest. Juices are also incredibly versatile, where they can be packed full of fruit and vegetables, as well as herbs and spices, to make for a punchy, health-conscious beverage.

The latest development in the busy health-foods industry is an ingredient pressing method that has exploded onto the juicing scene. Cold pressed juices use alternative methods to create a juice product that is higher in nutritional value than traditional fruit juice beverages, meaning you can get more out of every drop.

Read on for an in-depth look at this innovative juice type, with an overview of the key health and taste benefits it can deliver.

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

Traditional juice products are manufactured through high-speed centrifugal processes, where sharp blades are employed to cut down the fruit. This effective method produces excess heat, which can lead to oxidation within the juice product, thought to reduce nutrient levels.

In contrast to this, cold pressed juice is made using a much slower hydraulic press system, which is designed to limit heat output and preserve the key beneficial qualities of the juice ingredients. This innovative method has revolutionised the juicing world, where many now wish to maximise the health advantages of drinking juice through cold pressing.

Cold Pressed Juice Benefits

The hype behind these juices is certainly not unfounded, where cold pressed products can benefit the drinker in a wide variety of ways. Peruse this list to find out more about the various advantages compared to traditionally prepared juice.

Nutrient Rich

The methods involved in producing cold pressed juices help to preserve the nutritional core of their natural ingredients, resulting in a healthier beverage. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in juice products help to boost and support normal functioning of the body, where they can strengthen the immune system, bolster digestive functions, and support skin and hair rejuvenation.

As this product becomes readily available, a wide range of juice options will be manufactured, all with unique and important benefits for your health. This can help to support a varied and well-balanced diet.

Easy To Digest

It is vital that nutrient rich products are not only filled with beneficial nutrients, but are also easy to digest, allowing the body to absorb all of their vitamins and minerals with ease. Cold pressed juices boast a high level of digestibility, maximising their health advantages.

This is because cold pressed methods contain a reduced quantity of pulp compared to traditional juices, which is full of insoluble fibre. Cold pressed juices contain soluble fibre which supplies a wealth of benefits, where it can nurture gut health and lower cholesterol.


Cold pressed juices are usually unpasteurised, compared to the preservation techniques used to manufacture traditional juice products. This means they can’t be stored in your fridge or cupboard for as long, but the upside is that you get a much fresher and tastier juice.

The process of manufacturing cold pressed juice prioritises freshness, where the journey from fruit harvesting to bottled product is shortened. You can guarantee that your cold pressed juice has not been kept in supermarket storage for an extended period, where you’re able to enjoy a much more flavoursome end product as a result.


The consistency of a cold pressed juice product is bound to be much smoother and lighter than traditional juice alternatives, due to the absence of pulp or additional fibrous material. This makes for a much more drinkable juice, with a palatable feel and easy-to-digest lightweight properties.

Anti-Aging Properties

Most juices are rich in antioxidants, which have been linked to anti-aging results. The higher nutrient content of cold pressed juices makes for an even more beneficial skin booster, where these products can help to manage early signs of ageing.

Body and skin loving ingredients can help to promote clearer skin whilst also soothing wrinkles and fine lines. These nutrient-rich juices can also boost overall wellbeing, and in turn reduce stress-related indications of the ageing process.

Mood Booster

The fresh and smooth taste of a cold pressed juice is a great way to add a sense of positivity and wellness to your day, guaranteed to kickstart a happier way of life. Specific ingredients can also provide emotional benefits, where vitamin C rich foods aid energy release and soothe irritability.

And it's not just fruit that can provide a mood boost - additional ingredients such as ginger can improve mental clarity, whilst chamomile has a naturally calming effect. Even herbs such as basil can prevent memory loss and alleviate anxiety.

Choosing A Cold Pressed Juice Product

The health market is already very crowded with cold pressed juice beverages, where it can be difficult to know what to look out for to choose the right product for you. Before you buy, you may wish to consider some of the following points:

Freshness Of Ingredients

The basis of all good juices is high-quality, fresh ingredients. You may wish to find out where your fruit juice ingredients come from, and whether the fruit or vegetables are produced organically.

Sugar Usage

Some cold pressed juices may add sugar to create a more palatable taste. To preserve a balance of health benefits, you may wish to consider what sugars are being included, and whether they are natural or artificial.

Delivery Costs

Not all cold pressed juices are available to buy in your local supermarket, where you may need to rely on delivery to access the product. You may want to think about additional packaging and shipping costs, as well as how far your juice has to travel before it reaches your door.

Storage & Shelf Life

Cold pressed juices naturally have a shorter shelf life than more traditional products, which is part of their appeal as a fresh unpasteurised alternative. Ensure that you know how to store your beverages before purchasing for optimal freshness.

Product Options

You may also wish to consider the product range of your juice supplier, where specific ingredients can deliver an array of specialised benefits. If you’re looking to boost your immune system, your energy levels or your skin, then you may want to find a product that appeals to these needs.

Pow Food: Cold Pressed Juice, Delivered

At Pow Food, we’re proud to deliver a range of Daily Dose cold pressed juices, where you can choose from:

Orange - pure and simple

Rouge - beetroot, apple, ginger, lemon, aloe vera

Strawb - apple, lemon juice, strawberries, basil

Zenzero - apple, lemon, ginger, thyme

Our organic juice products are certified by the Soil Association, and are made from salvaged wonky vegetables that otherwise would have gone to waste. Each bottle contains 1kg of fresh UK produce, where all our juices are pressed and poured in London.

Healthy Ready Meal Delivery

Pow Food is the ideal location for meeting all your premium ready-meal needs, where we deliver high quality frozen delicacies straight to your door. Choose from vegan, gluten free and dairy free options, where you can also utilise our nutritionist-guided meal plans to cater to your dietary needs. We also stock an array of broths and soups delivered directly to you.

We supply a broad array of gift boxes and bundles, including our New Parent Survival Box, and specialist immune function and mood support boxes. Our range also includes À La Carte ordering options to help you to host a stress-free dinner party.

Luxury Dairy Free Brownies & Much More

In addition to our premium ready meals, we can also provide you with a luxurious assortment of snacks, including dairy-free brownies and vegan energy balls. Further to this, our comprehensive range of wellbeing products also extends to organic herbal teas, kombucha cans, superfood dressings and essential supplements.

Pow Food is an ethically run family business, where we have applied our high-end catering experience to developing a healthy, quality ready meal service. We guarantee quick delivery of your delicious meals, where we prioritise premium food standards across our entire range of products.

Contact us today to find out more about what we offer, or to enquire about our exclusive concierge service.

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