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The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

There are many preconceptions around chocolate, and lots of it is negative. It is true, chocolate can be laden with sugar, high in fat with few health benefits. However, it can also be enjoyed as a healthy treat! Cacao, the bean used to made cocoa is rich in superpowers, and lots of chocolate is more naturally produced so you can still reap these benefits. Here we have put together this small guide to some of the health benefits of chocolate.

Reduce Stress

There is supporting research that eating dark chocolate can lead to a person feeling less stressed. It was discovered that after eating dark chocolate, there were reduced levels of cortisol (our stress hormone) in the body.


Dark chocolate is full of these helpful little compounds called flavonoids. These are found in plants and help to protect against cell damage and fight inflammation. The flavonoids in dark chocolate can actually help increase heart health by lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation. They’ve also been found to improve brain function by making your reaction times better.

These flavonoids are amazing for many parts of your body, even your skin! Flavonoids can help protect against sun damage and improve blood flow to your skin. So if you’re off on a holiday somewhere sunny, some dark chocolate might be beneficial to pack!

What Chocolate Should I Eat To Enjoy The Benefits?

Most of the positive health benefits of chocolate have been found in dark chocolate. So it’s good to look for chocolate with around 70% of higher cocoa content.

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