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Looking For An Easy And Nutritional Lunch? How Having Soup Delivered To Your Door Is A Great Option

Looking For An Easy And Nutritional Lunch? How Having Soup Delivered To Your Door Is A Great Option

With the hectic demands of work often meaning that time is in short supply, it can be almost impossible to prepare, organise and eat a filling yet healthy lunch in the office. The same may even apply to working from home, with distractions aplenty and time consuming processes regularly involved. As an important mid-day meal, lunch should be filling and tasty yet provide nutritious energy to maintain focus throughout the day, with a simplistic enough preparation process not to cut into your time - balancing all of this can seem almost impossible. Thankfully, POW Food Ltd are here with a fantastic solution. Offering award-winning performance food for homes and workplaces, we offer ready-to-eat meal time favourites that enhance mental and physical performance, removing the necessity of lengthy preparation times. From soups and curries to brownies and delicious oaty bites, we have offerings for everyone from those with a sweet-tooth, to savoury-lovers.

Continue reading to discover just a selection of the reasons why having soup delivery arranged to your door by POW is ideal when working from home, or when short on time.

How Does Delivery Work?

Delivery is quick and efficient, with snacks, meals or hampers deliverable nationwide to offices, homes and all manner of other working environments. Carbon neutral delivery is guaranteed as part of our sustainability commitments, and daily, weekly, monthly, event & birthday packages are all available at your convenience. Flexible ordering means that you can add recommended supplements and drinks to suit employee preferences, while our menu includes gluten-free, vegan options and much more for special dietary requirements. On-site canteen services can even be arranged for the office, with fully catered meal preparation and serving from our friendly staff.


A huge part of soup and assorted meal deliveries is the convenience it offers. We’ve all been there: Lunch arrives, you’re tired because of work demands and you simply can’t find the energy to cook up a nutritious meal. Though it may be tempting to consider unhealthy snacks, fast food or a local takeaway delivery, fueling your body with performance ready meals from POW Food provides the productivity boost that everyone requires. Instead of spending your short lunch break hastily preparing a meal and rushing to finish it before work resumes, the convenience of home delivery is found in the doorstep drop-off and easy preparation. Classic favourites and indulgent treats are just a click away.

Bursting With Vegetable Flavours

Just because our delicious range of soups are healthy and energising, that doesn’t mean we forget about flavour. Our experienced culinary team contains nutritionists and chefs who are dedicated to creating high-quality meals using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients available. This means that all of our recipes are expertly made by trusted culinary professionals who value their craftsmanship in the kitchen. Our frozen meals preserve shelf life using no preservatives, maintaining food quality and taste all while locking in nutritional value. With meat sourced from the Rare Breeds Meat Company, fish provided by James Knight of Mayfair and Clarence Court supplying fruits, berries and vegetables, we maintain strong relationships to ensure the very best ingredients are used in our recipes.

Responsibly Sourced

Rest assured that the ingredients used in all of our soups are sustainably sourced, and at POW Food we only use the highest grade ingredients from the most responsible suppliers. Having formed long-term links with our suppliers, we always know the source of our ingredients, and work hard to constantly improve our sustainability efforts both inside and outside of the kitchen. Be it reducing plastic packaging on our products, or cutting down delivery miles, we set an example by increasing our sustainability efforts. Having our healthy soups delivered to your door is a great option as you can always rely on us for responsibly sourced ingredients and sustainable business practices.

Healthy And Nutritious

The nutritional value of a soup packed with vegetable goodness is to be expected, but did you know that soups can actually support your gut health while containing antiviral properties, minerals and vitamins? Supporting health, energy, and focus in the workplace, we go above and beyond to ensure our foods are exactly what they say they are. We also guarantee that there are absolutely no nasties in your soup or ready meal option, with our selection free of preservatives, flavourings, artificial colours, additives, sweeteners, refined sugars and pesticides. Whereas many lunch time quick fixes are liable to contain a large amount of sugar, saturated fats and harmful additions, all of our products are guaranteed to be nutritious.

Our Range Of Soups

With a huge selection of soups available to suit your preferences, why not try a selection and see which is your favourite? With specially selected recipes for any occasion, we offer a soup delivery service of dairy and gluten-free products, made using the best quality, responsibly sourced ingredients in batches. Simply select a bundle of 5 or tailor your order for whichever soups you prefer. The delicious assortment includes vegan organic vegetable broth with greens and grains, roasted tomato and chickpea with citrus, mushroom and blackbean, carrot and ginger, potato, leek and seasonal root vegetable and finally vegan sweetcorn chowder.

Other Lunch And Snack Options

Though we take great pride in our range of ready-to-eat organic soup recipes, we understand that everyone has different tastes. This is why we have produced a comprehensive menu which features everything from traditional lunch solutions to unique POW Food creations. See below for just a glimpse of what we provide to doorsteps and offices across England:

British Beef Cottage Pie

This sustainably sourced beef cottage pie is simply bursting with flavour, roasted and seasoned with lemon and thyme, then served with red skinned potato, cauliflower mash, carrots, peas and our delicious POW white wine and chicken jus. If you;ve worked up an appetite over the course of the day, then this satisfying meal is likely to become a favourite.

Luxury Brownie Box

Nutritious brownies may seem like an alien concept but we’ve struck the perfect balance with our moreish yet surprisingly healthy brownies. Choose from two flavours when ordering a box of our signature gluten and dairy free brownies, either focus brownies enriched with rosemary and goji berries, or our balance variety which are generously enriched with sour cherries and chia seeds.

Daily Dose Cold Pressed Juices

One of many lifestyle products we stock at POW, Daily Dose Pressed Juices are completely organic and certified by the Soil Association. Each bottle of juice is made from rescued vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste. Pressed and poured in the heart of London, each bottle of goodness contains up to 1kg of fresh British produce, giving you that productivity boost to spur you on.

POW Food Ltd: Meals For Work And Healthy Work From Home Lunches

Putting pride into the food preparation processes we follow, nutritional value is prioritised and optimised for every single bite, with vibrant flavours to be expected and healthy soups delivered to your doorstep. From planning to delivery, we keep in mind the importance of high-quality food over macros and calories, focusing on high-end frozen meals with nutritional consistency. We have cultivated reliable processes over two decades, creating incredible ready meals with balanced ingredients, aiding productivity and energy throughout the day. We maintain that our home meals have the perfect combination of fresh ingredients, providing you with everything you need to power you through.

Maintaining award winning catering processes alongside performance ready meal plans, we work with leading nutritionists to provide food which helps to support both physical and mental performance, collaborating with local charities to help feed underprivileged families. Are you looking to support employee wellbeing while they work from home? A great way to achieve this is by supplying our performance meals, snacks and hampers to their doorsteps. Available nationwide, contact us today for more information on the personalised services and soup delivery we provide.

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