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Five Health Benefits of Drinking a Kombucha Drink

Five Health Benefits of Drinking a Kombucha Drink

Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk surrounding kombucha. With all of the noise surrounding healthy drinks, kombucha is something that has been on the tips of nutritionists' tongues for a while. So what exactly is kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented drink that is known to be mildly fizzy, made from sweetened tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. Whilst kombucha might be something that you’ve only recently heard of, the drink has been around for nearly two thousand years. First brewed in China, the drink then made its way over to Japan and Russia. The drink then started to emerge in Europe in the early 20th century because of its connotations of being a healthy drink. The reason as to why kombucha holds a reputation of being a healthy drink is because it contains probiotics - a friendly bacteria. The microorganisms are known to boost people’s health, meaning that there are several health benefits that have been offered surrounding the drink.

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If you’re wondering what the benefits of kombucha are, then this guide could be perfect for you. You might even kick yourself that you haven’t incorporated kombucha into your life before!

Can Drinking Kombucha Boost Immunity?

There is a lot of discussion surrounding kombucha and the health benefits that it offers. Whilst none of the evidence fully suggests that kombucha can guarantee results when it comes to your health, there have been studies to perhaps hint that there is some benefit to drinking it. Here are just five health benefits of drinking kombucha and why you should think about implementing it into your diet:

Gut Health

Our gut, more scientifically known as the digestive system, is a complex system that is required to digest and absorb foods. It has been suggested in some research studies that kombucha, similar to other fermented foods such as kefir and tempeh, is rich in probiotics. This probiotic bacteria is similar to what is known as the friendly bacteria that sits in the gut. It is known that a diet that contains probiotics has the ability to improve overall gut health because they help the body maintain a healthy community of microorganisms. Whilst processed foods and medications remove good bacteria, fermented foods are responsible for putting them back! Probiotics also hold a pivotal role in our body because they are known to help with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Still though, there is not enough evidence to categorically say that kombucha improves gut health.

Drinking kombucha isn’t the only thing you can do to improve your gut health though, and it’s certainly not a substitute for a healthy diet. You will still need to ensure that you’re tucking into high fibre foods like fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables so that your can probiotics have the best environment to thrive in!

Prevent Infections

Kombucha is a complex drink because when fermented, an acid known as acetic acid is produced. It has been found in several studies that acetic acid has antimicrobial properties, meaning that they possess the ability to kill microbes and tackle bacteria. Kombucha is known to be antimicrobial, which has the capabilities to prevent infections by identifying and killing the bacteria before anything spreads.

Heart Issues

It has been found in animal studies that kombucha can improve cholesterol levels which are linked to heart disease. As well as this, it has been reported that probiotic supplements like kombucha can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is important to bare in mind however that this study was conducted on rats and not humans, so more research is required to fully reinforce this claim. In order to improve the health of your heart and your cholesterol levels, then you could make positive changes to your diet, weight and lifestyle habits. As well as having nutritionist food, ensure that you are exercising on a regular basis as this will help the heart to pump more blood and keep it working at optimal efficiency.

Mental Health

This might not be the first health benefit that comes to mind, but did you know that kombucha has the potential to actually positively impact mental health? It has been suggested that there is a correlation between depression and inflammation so in this case the anti-inflammatory effects of kombucha help to alleviate these symptoms of depression. A study conducted in 2017 found that probiotic supplements like kombucha can actually help to relieve depression. Although more research needs to be done, there is the possibility that this supplement can make a difference to people’s physical and mental health.

Type Two Diabetes

Finally, there have also been some studies to suggest that kombucha is useful in managing type 2 diabetes. Although the study was conducted on animals, the results showed that kombucha helped to manage blood sugar levels in rats that had diabetes. Researchers also found that the drink also delayed the absorption of the ‘bad’ cholesterol and amplified the ‘good’ cholesterol.

Why Drink Kombucha Rather Than Other Drinks?

Now that we have outlined the possible health benefits that kombucha can offer, you might be wondering why you should start drinking this rather than other fizzy, carbonated or caffeinated drinks. Here are just a few reasons why you should start drinking kombucha instead of other drinks:

  • Replaces Alcohol - We all know about the health risks that come with alcohol, and that’s before we even discuss the splitting headache we can get the day after drinking! It can sometimes be hard finding a substitute for alcohol that still hits the spot off having a cold beverage in the sun. So why not replace your alcoholic beverage with a bottle of kombucha that can actually improve your health? Kombucha has a taste that has hints of acidity which can be likened to wine. With POW Food Ltd’s sweet citrus and dry apple flavours, it will feel like you haven’t stepped away from alcohol!
  • Weight Loss - It has actually been found that kombucha can be good for weight loss. Of course, you’ll still need to ensure that you exercise on a frequent basis, but because kombucha is made from green tea, this increases your metabolism and increases the speed calories are used in your body. Kombucha can be particularly effective after a heavy workout at the gym by helping you to recharge and rehydrate.
  • Reduce Caffeine - If you’re looking for a way to cut down your caffeine intake, then kombucha could be the perfect solution for you. As already explained, the drink is packed with a whole host of health benefits and is low in caffeine, whilst also containing antibiotics and probiotics.

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If you’re convinced that kombucha could be a great addition to your diet, then POW Food Ltd could be the perfect company for you. Supplying meal prep services, our team of nutritionists are here to give you a helping hand when you need it the most. Whether you’re looking for healthy home delivery or to feed your employees that are working from home, we have all the knowledge and experience to provide you with meals that will certainly leave you with a great lasting impression. Using the finest ingredients available, we can guarantee that our service will positively impact you and your lifestyle. To find out more about the products and services we provide, get in touch with our team today!

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