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High Protein Ready Meals And Other Fantastic Foods For Fitness

High Protein Ready Meals And Other Fantastic Foods For Fitness

A balanced and healthy diet is of course crucial for maintaining fitness, and paired with a regular exercise routine or daily activity such as walking or cycling, all the components are in place for you to retain a healthy body and healthy mind. The benefits of eating healthy meals and regularly exercising are plentiful, with improved focus, energy retention throughout the day, and long-term gut and cardiovascular health.

At Pow Food Ltd, we account for all of this when putting together our nutritious recipes and sourcing ingredients, so read on for our tasty guide to fantastic fitness foods.

Our Ready Meals

It can be easy to neglect comprehensive meals for work or prepared dishes in favour of sugary treats and fatty processed snacks, especially when in the office. This can even be an issue when based remotely and short on time. At Pow Food, we understand the difficulty of consistent healthy eating, which is why we deliver a unique set of meals selected from our comprehensive range.

Whether you require a fibre-heavy vegetarian dish, such as our Vegan Amazonian Chilli With Rice, or a seafood-inclusive meal which includes Vitamins A and C, we’re always adding to our delivery catalogue of high protein ready meals.

Meat And Fish

A reliable source of protein, ideal for muscle mass increase, and repair following intense exercise, meat and fish are fantastic for those looking to improve their physique, maintain concentration throughout the working day, or simply if you’re looking for a staple ingredient to pair with salads, dressings, and carbohydrates. Red meat is particularly desirable for those looking to compose a healthy meal, providing iron, zinc and B vitamins in abundance.

Healthy Pantry Snacks

Though you may not associate pantry extras with health benefits, we are well-equipped to recommend and provide a selection of moreish-yet nutritious foods for fitness. Sweet delights from our award-winning range include our ever-popular luxury brownies, Pow Oat Balls in tempting Matcha, Chocolate Protein and Berry Rose flavours, alongside pressed fruit juices and Kombucha.

Nuts And Berries

Snacking throughout the day can lead to some bad habits, so why not swap out some of your unhealthy favourites with nuts and berries? Hazelnuts and almonds are most popular, though you could add walnuts and pine nuts to rolled oats or a fruit salad. Berries are great for long-term health benefits, as they are high in fibre, a source of vitamin C, and provide crucial antioxidants. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are proven to lower cholesterol, aiding heart health. At Pow Food, we believe in the genuine value of healthy ingredients, naturally sourced produce, and recipes packed with nutritional value. Whether browsing frozen meals, pantry options, or food boxes which pack a punch, we maintain everything you need. Delicious yet simple, we aim to please. Contact us today with any questions for our nutritionists, chefs, and health experts.

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