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Considering Our Vegan Meal Boxes? Discover the Advantages of Going Vegan

Considering Our Vegan Meal Boxes? Discover the Advantages of Going Vegan

The world in which we live is one of constant change. Our understandings of ourselves, our societies and our environments are always evolving, informing the ways we go about our lives and transforming the way we see the world around us. One element in particular that seems to be experiencing endless transformation is the means through which we consume.

For better or for worse, we have become accustomed to lives in which a multitude of commodities are at our fingertips; from clothes and food, to information and art, the western world has easier access than ever before. Yet it is important to be mindful in our consumption, as certain aspects are already having a devastating effect on both the wellbeing of our planet and our own physical health.

One example of such awareness that has experienced an incredible rise in research and popularity over the past decade, is veganism. For many individuals adhering to a vegan diet, it is a hugely beneficial lifestyle choice that both reflects and informs the way they experience the world.

Here’s our guide to veganism and its multitude of benefits.

What Is Veganism?

Let’s start with the basics; veganism is total abstinence from the consumption of animal products. Although the concept itself is pretty simple, there are a number of different elements that make it more than just a diet and for many people, it is an important part of their lifestyle.

At its purest, a vegan lifestyle is one that excludes the consumption or purchase of any products that exploit or cause harm to animals. This includes clothing made from animal products such as fur or leather as well as any food that comes from an animal including  meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milks and honey.

The History Of Veganism

Although veganism is a topic of discussion that has gained substantial traction over the past decade, it is by no means a modern concept. The idea of plant based lifestyles and even the term veganism itself dates back hundreds, and potentially thousands, of years. Research even suggests that Greek philosophers practised the avoidance of animal products.

In more recent centuries, the concept of a vegan diet can be traced to the early 1800s. Around this time certain prominent figures, such as the romantic poet Percy Shelley, began to abstain from the consumption of eggs and dairy products for ethical reasons.

In 1944, six self-described non-dairy vegetarians held a meeting and coined the term ‘vegan’ as a means of solidifying their beliefs in animal rights and plant based lifestyles. From this point onwards, the idea of the modern vegan was born.

Since the mid 20th century, more and more research has been conducted exploring the benefits of veganism and millions of individuals have adopted the diet and lifestyle. With an enormous following that is growing every day, the world has witnessed an explosion of vegan products, influencers, researchers in almost every aspect of modern life. From popular culture to politics, advocates for vegan lifestyles are everywhere.

Environmental Benefits

As we become increasingly aware of the effect of our diets on our physical health, the results of mass consumption and animal agriculture on the natural environment are also becoming unnervingly apparent. It is universally understood that the effect of human activity on the climate is reaching a tipping point, at which we must all make a concerted effort to affect real change.

Among the many benefits of veganism is the reduced impact of both individuals and industries on the natural world. If more people made the switch to vegan lifestyles, the current climate crisis could be slowed.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The processes involved in the production of meat and animal products have a huge impact on the environment due to the amount of fossil fuels and energy used throughout the industry. The food we consume is one of the largest contributors to our carbon footprints due to the fact that greenhouse gases are emitted at every stage of the animal product production process.

Processes such as deforestation to make room for animal pastures, production of animal feed and the eventual slaughter of livestock produce an immense amount of greenhouse gases and are far more carbon-intensive than the cultivation of plant-based foods.

Water Conservation

As it stands, we are in danger of consuming more clean water than we are able to replenish, which could lead to a disruption of the water cycle and global water shortages. Moreover, the agricultural industry consumes more water than any other trade, almost half of which is used to grow the feed for the rearing of livestock. If individuals chose to convert to a vegan diet, a vast quantity of water could be conserved.

Protecting Land & Sea

As touched upon above, the production of meat-based and animal products places a huge strain on the natural world. This is due to the vast areas of land needed to raise animals for consumption. Around a third of the planet’s land is used solely for animal grazing and feed growth.

This statistic is the result of vast deforestation in areas all over the world, including the Amazon rainforest. On the other hand, plant-based meat substitutes use far less land to produce, with some estimations suggesting that plant-based meats use up to 99% less land than animal meats.

Vegan Food Boxes & Healthy Meal Delivery From POW Food

Here at POW Food, we understand the big difference that making small changes can make. Through the food we consume, we all have the power to make a positive impact on the world around us and improve our own wellbeing.

Although adhering to a vegan diet may seem tricky, there are many ways to make it easier. If you’re looking for a nutritious, cost-effective and delicious means of catering for your workers or feeding your team, POW Food is the perfect solution.

Our range of vegan ready meals are cooked in small batches to preserve freshness and guarantee amazing tasting meals for work. What’s more, as an award winning catering company, our services are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the UK.

Don’t wait, get in touch with us and make a positive change for your company and workers today with our healthy lunch meal delivery service.

Call us now on 0345 340 5397 or send an email to hello@powfood.co.uk.

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