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Handy Advice For Foodies Who Are Short On Time

Handy Advice For Foodies Who Are Short On Time

The office environment can be hectic in 2022, with deadlines, constant updates to tasks and the need to complete various workplace objectives with time to spare. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode well for organised meal times, healthy eating and maintaining a balanced diet. Snacks and junk food delivery are likely to be the common solution when you have a limited window in which to eat any prepared food. Even worse, many people don’t even eat lunch, with this likely to see productivity decline near the end of the working day due to a lack of energy. POW Food provides meal solutions which are the ultimate pick-me-up for foodies who are short on time, with delicious and nutritious handmade dishes delivered to your home or office at times convenient to you.

Continue reading for some helpful advice when time is short and the hunger kicks in, but you want to remain healthy and productive.

Prepare Meals In Advance

Not only will preparing or ordering meals in advance save you time and effort during the busy daytime schedule, but also ensures that you won’t be spending more than you need to on meal deals, snacks from the coffee shop or pricey and unhealthy processed treats from nearby eateries and shops. Preparing a meal and storing it overnight for the following day can set you up well, and be stored in an office fridge for added freshness if this is an option.

Make The Most Of Nutritious Snacks

Fueling your body at regular intervals throughout the day will save you needing to go all-out for a large mid-day meal, giving you sustained productivity throughout the day instead of one mid-day burst. Healthy snacks may include fruit, nutritional soups, cereal bars or even a selection of nuts and oats. If you’re looking for healthy yet indulgent treats to share with colleagues, the POW pantry includes everything from healthy brownies, to herbal teas and chowder.

Don’t Waste Leftovers

With research suggesting that the UK shockingly throws away around 9.5 million tonnes of food waste in a single year, there has never been a  better time to conserve the remainder of our evening meals to eat the following day or retain for a later date. Keeping leftovers to eat as an office lunch or at home to prioritise other tasks and hobbies will save a chunk of your day and ensure that you get the most out of your latest culinary creations.

Healthy Catering Services

Healthy catering services are perfect for modern workplace needs, with the option for meals to be delivered fuss-free and bursting with flavour. Both nutritional and delicious, there are plenty of options from the POW Food team, to try, and we’re sure you’ll love the sustainably sourced ingredients packed into every bite.

With a culinary team containing experienced chefs, passionate nutritionists and long-serving foodies who keep up with the latest in quality meal solutions, POW Food are a rising star in the performance catering industry. Contact us today for information and guidance on our range of nutritional soups and productivity boosting meals.

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