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Fuss Free & Fantastic Food in Less Than Just 30 Minutes!

Fuss Free & Fantastic Food in Less Than Just 30 Minutes!

It’s a well known fact that most recipes take twice as long as they’re meant to, and don’t always live up to our expectations because, well, how many of us can cook as well as the Chef who developed the recipe? Not any one appliance is the same as another, and some of us just don’t have that natural flair in the kitchen that others are lucky to encompass.

This can create huge stress while prepping for that all important dinner party that we were so excited to host just a couple of days ago. Why do we do it to ourselves? Well, why shouldn’t we believe we can nail the cooking, table setting, drinks pairings, entertainment; put our friends and family to shame - how hard can it be?!

We also know that nothing quite tastes like it’s been made from scratch made by yours truly, with time and serious effort. Sadly, this is often a fanciful idea, less reality. 

We’ve all fallen into this trap time again – opening a beautifully designed cookbook by your favourite restaurant and thinking, “That looks delicious, achievable - and only 1 hour prep time! Fantastic!”. I then spend at least 3 hours manically working through the different recipe stages, rummaging through the cupboards to find the ingredients I was sure were at the back, rushing in an attempt to make the marinade which turns out to be a different colour, consistency and quantity - despite following every step to a tee. The wine goes down well in the attempt to calm my nerves while I amateurishly save the dinner dish which isn’t what I had envisioned a couple of hours earlier. 

I don’t know about you, but I am bored of being fooled by these published foibles. Obviously it’s the recipes fault, not mine…

So surely there’s a better solution!

That’s where POW Food comes in…

And when we say put it in the oven for 30 minutes, that’s exactly what we mean...

We’ve launched a curated, nutritionist endorsed WOW factor at-home A La Carte range of diverse ready prepped dishes that require hours of passionate preparation. We do all the work for you! No more slaving away for hours, setting and resetting alarms, flustering over whether the goat’s cheese tart canapés will be ready in time for you to shower and do your makeup before the guests arrive. 

We are truly time efficient.

Seriously fast, impressive food, that’s responsible, nutritious and delicious. 

If you’re trying to host a dinner party in between shuffling kids from football or ballet practice to piano lessons there is no need to miss a moment at the dining table again.

Furthermore everyone will be interested in what they will be eating because it’s astonishingly tasty and amazingly nutritious. 

Why not swap the food shopping and hours of prepping for a more convenient lifestyle?

Our menus change with the seasons, whilst reducing your carbon footprint (we only use eco-friendly packaging) and elevating your health with minimal time and effort.

We literally do all the hard work for you. What more could you ask for!

Shop our range of delicious and nutritious dishes for you and all the family HERE.

Bon Appétit! (You’re welcome.) 

Love the POW Food team x

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