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A Complete Guide To Dinner Party Food from POW Food

A Complete Guide To Dinner Party Food from POW Food

Dinner parties are a great way to socialise with family, friends and neighbours, with games, entertainment and the occasional tipple. The main attraction however, is almost always the food. If you don’t fancy yourself as much of a chef, or would rather relax and converse with guests for the occasion, dinner party catering is the perfect alternative to rushing around the kitchen for hours on end. With plenty of variables to account for, such as dietary requirements, allergies and specific preferences, let POW Food take the weight off your shoulders. Our personalised nutritious menus provide plenty of choice for dinner party attendees, while an array of starters, mains, sides and desserts ensure every taste is accounted for.

Read on for everything you need to know about dinner party food, including the health benefits of productivity-boosting treats from the team at POW Food.

À La Carte Selections

Roughly translated from French to mean ‘According To The Menu’, À La Carte dining involves selecting individual dishes for your meal, opposed to picking a set meal from a menu. Offering more freedom to choose dishes you prefer, this is common practice for dinner parties. Whereas you may be given several choices for each meal, perhaps with one vegetarian option alongside meat or fish-based dishes, a true À La Carte dining experience will give guests the opportunity to widen their palate, with unique dishes and interesting flavours. In this sense, POW Food excel, with our ever-growing range already containing plenty of choice - from spiced salmon and rich chicken breast courses, to our vegan Amazonian chocolate bean chilli pot. For a detailed look at our meal selection available for nationwide food box delivery, browse our online menu.

Options For All

Giving guests the choice to select their meals in advance guarantees that there are no awkward mix-ups at the table, with nutritious veggie options, duck, lamb and chicken dishes, alongside brownies and mousses. At POW, our award winning food boxes don’t compromise on taste, and are endorsed by leading nutritionists for your peace of mind. It's as easy as asking your guests in-advance what they would like for each course, placing your order with us, and then heating the meal when it arrives, ready to be served up. Avoid the hazard of picky eaters and fussy diners when you choose our À La Carte offering, ideal for housewarming events, birthdays and relaxed celebrations with loved ones.

Delicious Starters

Starting the meal off with a flavoursome-yet-light dish is a task in itself, as you won’t want what you serve up to be overly filling, however it should still prepare diners for the main and prove a treat for the taste buds. Common starter options at dinner parties include soups, cheese dishes, and finger-food served with Pâté, with the intention of an appetiser to set guests up for the proceeding main course. Standouts within the POW food box delivery menu include Lean Confit Of Hoisin Duck, a flavoursome duck dish complete with baby gem baskets, a side of spring onion, and pomegranate salsa to accompany. In addition, our soup choices are a hit with existing customers, and you can select from Vegan Leek And Potato, Vegan Mushroom And Blackbean, Vegan Roasted Tomato And Chickpea, or Vegan Butternut Squash.

Moreish Main Courses

The main course should be a real showstopper, more often than not constituting the largest meal of the assorted courses. The primary dish should be more filling than a starter generally, and will often contain a selection of nutritious vegetables around a staple meat. There are, however, plenty of vegetarian-friendly options, including our Vegan Gut Healthy Cottage Pie, which can serve up to 6 guests. Low in saturated fat and salt, our cottage pie option is a comprehensive source of vitamin A, which contributes to healthy immune system function. Plentiful meat dishes available on the menu include Free Range Jerk Chicken with a mayo side, as well as an absolute favourite - our award winning Free Range Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala.

Sides, Sauces, And Dressings

The right sauce or side dish can prove an excellent addition to your plate, with rice, salads and assorted vegetable delicacies all likely to bring out the flavours of your main meal, or simply act as something to snack on between courses. One idea may be to place side dishes centrally on your table during the party, giving guests the opportunity to share the portion around and sample different dishes. Perfect for accompanying a flavoursome main course are our Butterbeans Braised With Mediterranean Vegetables And Plum Tomatoes. With the correct synergy, you can unlock flavours in dishes which you never knew could be released, so sample our selection of sauces, sides and dressings and find that killer combination for next time.

Tempting Desserts

Dessert is the course of choice for those with a sweet tooth, but you won’t need to compromise flavour or healthy properties when you order dessert food boxes from POW. Despite the reputation of sugary desserts and calorific cakes, our catalogue of treats is packed with vitamins and ingredients which will benefit your gut-health. Mango, pear, avocado and raspberries are just several of the tempting fruity additions for you to share with those you invite, and these Summer favourites can be found within courses including our incredibly rich Brownie With Superberry Compote, Cacao Mousse, and luxuriously fluffy Summer Berry Mousse.

Fresh And Nutritious

Overseen by nutritionists and crafted by top chefs, all of our dishes are specially composed to support the wellbeing of your mind and body. We actively avoid gluten and dairy when possible, while all meat and fish is responsibly sourced from reliable UK-based suppliers. To maintain rich natural flavours in our meals, we shun artificial preservatives, as well as flavourings, colours and additives, ensuring plant produce is free of pesticide traces before using it in our kitchens. Your dinner guests can benefit from the synergy of our menu options, absorbing maximum nutrient components to refresh your body. Our attention-to-detail even involves pairing all dark leafy greens with vitamin C, to increase the absorption of iron in the vegetables.

Delivered To Your Location

Nationwide delivery means that your superfood can be delivered wherever you’re based, whether you’re exploring healthy lunches for work, relaxing at home, or operating from any other location. Not solely focused on dinner parties and gatherings, we can arrange concierge services at your convenience, with bespoke selections for office catering, virtual conferences, award shows, and much more. Give your employees the lunch break they deserve with healthy ready meals, or take the pressure off during lunch hour with luxury microwavable treats. We’re trusted by reputable companies as varied as Prada, Microsoft and Canon, so become our latest satisfied customer today.

POW Food Ltd: Dinner Party Menu Ideas And Healthy Meal Delivery

At POW Food, we have assembled a culinary team to be proud of. With nutritionists, chefs and industry experts on board, we’re dedicated to creating high-quality meals and delivering them straight to your doorstep. Using locally sourced ingredients, our impact-driven approach allows us to maintain high standards on a consistent basis, from selecting menu ideas, to overseeing business and charity partnerships which align with our vision. Aiming to have a positive impact whenever possible, our food is not only delicious and convenient for everything from office snacking to À La Carte parties, but our meals are proven to enhance physical and mental performance.

With over 25 years in high-end catering, we take pride in our dishes, working with highly-qualified Head Nutritionist Sam Bourne to ensure our meals are healthy for your body and mind. Lovingly prepared and cooked using the best oil, ingredient and synergy pairings, simply contact us today with any menu enquiries - we would be delighted to help.

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