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How You Can Empower Your Employees with Healthy Foods

How You Can Empower Your Employees with Healthy Foods

Anyone who manages a team knows that a big part of being successful is encouraging your teammates and colleagues to bring out the best of themselves. A great way to do this, which is often overlooked, is via food because it has such an impact on peoples’ wellbeing. Here at POW Food, we’ve just launched our Empower initiative and you can spread the positive effects of this throughout your workplace. Here’s how workers are having to think about changing their lifestyle post-pandemic, how POW at work can help in numerous ways, and POW’s core values and aims to achieve this.

Post-Pandemic Changes

As your employees begin to return back to their normal working lives, it’s important to ensure that their mental health is optimal. The post-pandemic shift can bring a lot of tension and stress, especially as most people will be losing some of their day along with this change. This is time that they may have spent cooking well-rounded meals with good-quality ingredients. POW Food recognises this change and aims to contribute to your business in a positive and fulfilling way. Our delicious, healthy meals will help to keep your employees’ morale high and the whole team can even eat together.

What is ‘POW At Work’?

Firstly, our nutritionists and chefs collaborate to create healthy and varied meals. These are then updated daily onto our menus which are available online by scanning our QR code and we serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your food will then be delivered to your London-based location of choice within 2 hours. This is a great way to ensure that your employees are eating most optimally. Food has a huge impact on our focus, mood, energy and general wellbeing. It’s also worth noting that all of our food is gluten and dairy free, making it ideal for a huge range of workers.

POW’s Values and Aims

  • To reduce packing and waste: Our packaging is 100% compostable and our delivery is now carbon neutral.
  • Reducing food waste and making a charitable impact: We have partnered with City Harvest, a sustainability food waste charity that gives back to underprivileged families in food poverty.
  • Supporting immunity: All of our food is made with fresh, handpicked ingredients and provides a blanched, well-rounded diet.
  • Increasing energy, focus & productivity by up to 25%: Our nutritionists research which foods boost particular moods and collaborate with our chefs to meet this goal
  • Feeding a positive work culture: Because our meals are healthier and aimed at boosting your wellbeing, your workspace will feel much more positive and lively.
If you have any other questions about our Empower, POW at work scheme, or if you’d like to hear about any of our other services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0345 340 5397 today!
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