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How To Boost Your Energy Levels By Changing Your Diet

How To Boost Your Energy Levels By Changing Your Diet

We’ve all been tired or ‘crashed’ at work and it isn’t a nice feeling. Energy levels are something that all of us can alter by making a couple of small changes to our diets. Whether it’s staying hydrated, choosing carbs, or having healthier lunches provided by POW Foods, here’s how you can achieve more consistent energy levels.

Hydration is Key

It’s advice we’ve all heard but that’s because it’s imperative to having optimal energy levels. The brain and heart are made up of 73% water, muscles 79%, skin 64% and even bones are 31%. It’s recommended that the average male consumes 3 litres of water per day and the average female 2.2 litres. A great way to get out of bed quickly in the morning is to drink a full glass of water. This wakes you up and flushes away toxins. Then remember to drink some water for lunch, dinner and before bed and you’ll have almost hit your target without having to try very hard!

Long-Term Carbs

Sugar and caffeine do boost your energy levels, there’s no doubting it. However, they also come with energy ‘crashes’ which can lead to inconsistent overall energy levels and negatively affect sleep. A better source of long-term, consistent energy is to eat carbohydrates as this energy is released slower and over a longer period of time. This doesn’t mean eating an enormous bowl of pasta each night as this is better done via smaller, more frequent meals. Plus, you’ll want to vary what carbohydrates you eat. Pasta is an obvious choice but bread and potatoes are also great options with more versatility.

How POW Food Can Help

Eating a healthy, high-quality lunch is an excellent way to boost your overall energy levels. You’ll have worked for half the day by this point which makes it an ideal point to boost your energy levels before you finish the working day. The key is to eat a moderately sized lunch, rather than eating a very large one that increases your blood-sugar levels and leads to an afternoon slump. Here at POW Food, we seek to boost the efficiency and functionality of your workplace by ensuring that your employees are fed most optimally. Our healthy ready meals are created by our expert nutritionists working alongside our experienced chefs. They select only the best quality ingredients and create the meals in smaller batches, focusing on quality over quantity. Plus, all of our packaging is 100% compostable and our delivery is carbon neutral. Adding to this, our processes are highly sustainable and we work with City Harvest to tackle food poverty by providing our food wastage for the underprivileged families that they support. If you have any questions about how our services can contribute positively to your well being then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0345 340 5397 today!
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