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What's in season in March?

What's in season in March?

Discover the best UK seasonal produce for the month of March and try out our signature Spring Greens and Grains soup recipe yourself at home.

Spring Greens & Grains Soup​

Ingredients (serves 5):

1 litre Water 7g Bouillon paste 1 x white onion (diced) 100g Carrots (diced) 100g Celery (chopped) 100g Butternut squash (diced) 100g Parsnip 50g Red or white quinoa 1.5g Kombu seaweed 2g Rosemary, fresh 2g Thyme, fresh 5g Parsley 5g Mint fresh 3g Pepper, black 13g Lemons, whole, without pips 10g Garlic puree 50g Edamame beans, frozen 50g Peas, frozen, raw 75g Cavolo nero or spring greens Pinch of sea salt 50g Puy lentils 2x Bay leaf 10g Pomace oil 15g Olive oil


1. Bring the 1 litre of water to a boil

2. Blanch the below vegetables, putting into the boiling water for 4 seconds before removing and transferring straight into a 1 litre bowl of ice cold water and setting to one side ⁃ Cavalo nero or spring greens ⁃ Garden peas ⁃ Edamame beans ⁃ Mint (whole) ⁃ Parsley (whole leaves) 3. Chop the parsley and mint once they have cooled down 4. Keep the boiling water as this will provide some flavours for the soup 5. Slowly fry the onions and celery in the olive oil for 5 minutes on low heat until they becomes translucent 6. Add the parsnips butternut squash, carrot, garlic, rosemary and thyme and fry on a low heat for a further 2 minutes 7. Add the 1 litre of hot water that you have leftover from the blanching 8. Add the vegetable bouillon, spices, quinoa, lentils and kombu and simmer for another 30 minutes. 9. Add the juice of the lemon, zest and season upon finishing 10. Add extra virgin olive oil for serving

Nutritional information:

Per 300g serving: Kcal: 170 | 9% Fat: 5.3g | 5.3% Sat fat: 0.8g | 4% Carbohydrates: 20g | 8% Sugar: 6g | 6% Fibre: 7.7g | 31% Protein: 7.2g | 14% Salt: 1g
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