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From Superfood Snack Box to Dairy-Free Brownies: Snacking Made Healthy with Pow Food

From Superfood Snack Box to Dairy-Free Brownies: Snacking Made Healthy with Pow Food

We live in a world that revolves around mealtimes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are typically carefully planned by a person, knowing days in advance what they’ll be eating for specific meals. However, one thing that is always a bit less planned is the snack.

Snacking is inevitable for most people, as long hours between meals leave people feeling peckish, no matter how big or small their main meals are. And when you’re feeling hungry, sometimes you reach for something that might not be the best idea for you in the long run. Unhealthy snacks can be full of empty calories, or give you a sugar rush that will quickly fade and leave you feeling worse than before.

Here at Pow Food, we believe in the power of snacking and do not encourage starving yourself between meals if you’re too worried about unhealthy snacks. Read on to find out why snacking can be an important part of your day, and the range of snacks that we have available.

Why Snack?

Obviously, the biggest reason people snack during the day is because they are hungry. You may have skipped breakfast, or it might be a few hours after your last meal and you’re not sure you want to wait until your next without something to eat. Once your stomach starts growling, it can be hard to concentrate on anything else until you’ve had a snack.

Another reason for a snack might be that you’ve had a dip in energy levels. Most people while working will commonly feel like they’re not being as productive as usual, so will turn to a snack or a drink to try and give them a burst.

Snacking is a controversial topic in the scientific community in determining whether snacking can be beneficial or negatively impact you. This is due to the loose definition of snack, and the endless possibilities people choose to eat.

The benefit of snacking is that it can provide you with a much-needed boost of energy between meals when you feel tired. It can also provide extra nutrients if you snack healthily, and curb your appetite which will prevent you from overeating at your next meal.

Beware While Snacking

Snacking can either be very good for you, or very bad for you. And this normally boils down to what exactly you’re snacking on and the quantity of snacks that you consume. Snacks that are high in sugar, sodium and saturated fats are usually not good choices, as they offer very little nutrition and a lot of calories.

Too frequent snacking can also lead to weight gain, as you might find yourself consuming a lot more calories than you need. A lot of snacks can also reduce hunger at meal times, meaning you might skip out on a nutrient-heavy meal to instead have unhealthy snacks.

Meal Place Your Snacks

Snacking can be unhealthy if you’re not thinking carefully about what you’re eating and instead just grabbing whatever is handy. Meal planning is what most people do to arrange their meals, and the concept of meal prep can also be applied to snacking. This will ensure you’re eating something that will benefit you at a suitable time.

Sit down and think about the common times you might feel hungry or need an extra boost, such as mid-morning when it’s been a while since breakfast or in the afternoon when you need that final push to get through the day. Then you can plan ahead what snacks you think will be most suitable at these times. If you know you have a craving for something sweet in the afternoon but something healthier in the morning, you should pick some snacks that will suit these needs, so you feel satisfied after eating.

Snacks From Pow Food

Here at Pow Food, we believe in snacks that will benefit you in the long term. Here are a few of the delicious snacks you can order from us that you’ll love to snack on.

Luxury Dairy-Free Brownies

First up we have our luxury brownies. For £20 you can get a box of 12 of our delicious, signature gluten and dairy-free brownies. We have two different varieties on offer. The first is ‘focus’. These are enriched with rosemary and goji berries. The second ‘balance’ brownies are enriched with sour cherries and chia seeds.

Both are made from free-range eggs, vegan dark chocolate and a dash of freshly squeezed orange juice as well as a ton more mouth-watering ingredients.

Vegan Pow Energy Balls

Perfect to give you an extra boost are our Vegan Pow Energy Balls. This fresh take on the classic protein energy ball is packed with ingredients that are both delicious and provide you with slow-release energy that will last a lot longer than a quick, unhealthy sugar rush.

The box comes with two each of our matcha, chocolate protein and berry rose energy balls and are both gluten and dairy free.

Nutritious Soups

If you’re feeling extra peckish, a nutritious soup can make a great snack. Soup by itself can seem like halfway between a meal and a snack, a hearty bowl of goodness that can fill you up. Pow Food has a great selection of soups, from vegan sweetcorn chowder to organic chicken bone broth. You can purchase our soups individually, or we offer a bundle of five soups so you can sample a full range of our delicious snacks.

Genie Kombucha

It’s not just food items that make good snacks, but drinks as well! While most people will reach for a red bull or soft drink for an energy boost, these drinks are usually not that great for you, providing you with a quick boost of caffeine or sugar that will leave you crashing later on.

We recommend something a bit better for you, like these cans of Genie Kombucha. Kombucha is a sweetened black tea drink made with fermented cultures. It is said to be a great source of antioxidants and probiotics, as well as providing you with a natural burst of energy.

We sell three tasty flavours of Genie Kombucha: Fiery Ginger, Dry Apple and Sweet Citrus.

Daily Dose Cold Pressed Juices

Another great drink that can work as a snack is these Daily Dose Cold Pressed Juices. They are organic cold-pressed juices made from wonky vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. These invigorating doses of quality British produce are the perfect pick-me-up during a long day. Available in four different flavours.

Superfood Snack Boxes And Soups Delivered

Here at Pow Food, we have a great selection of healthy snacks and lifestyle products that you can use to give you an energy boost, help your immune function and take steps towards a more balanced lifestyle. Check out the pantry section of our website to explore our complete range of soups, juices, dressings, snacks and supplements.

As well as snacks, we also offer full meals. Our frozen ready-meal range is designed by nutritionists and made by expert chefs, designed to be tasty and healthy at the same time. We freeze our meals, locking in the 100% natural ingredients and also preserving the shelf life. We want our customers to be able to enjoy our food no matter their dietary requirements, which is why we offer specific meals that are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Shop today for all your snacking needs, or contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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