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A Guide to Healthy Prepared Meals from Pow Food

A Guide to Healthy Prepared Meals from Pow Food

As easy as it can be to slip into unhealthy lunchtime routines, there are plenty of alternatives to explore, without sacrificing taste or convenience. When time isn’t on your side, and considering the demands of a busy office or limiting home-working schedule, the easy option is often understandably to pick up a sugary snack or saturated fat-packed quick-fix. As tempting as these unhealthy snacks may be, they’re unlikely to keep you functioning throughout the day, and can often add to concerning long-term health risks. 

Consider our range of products and give yourself a beneficial boost - with sweet, savoury and comprehensive nutrition-packed meal options aplenty, all easily prepared with time to spare.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The old adage is true, a healthy body fuels a healthy mind, and all of our food is designed by nutritionists for optimum health and is predominantly gluten and dairy free. Healthier food delivers energy in a sustained way over longer periods of time, instead of the expected crash that comes with a sugary snack or tasty temporary coffee energy boosts. When energy levels are boosted, people become more productive, meaning that whether you’re an employee looking to improve your performance or just need a burst of energy to get through the rest of your day, dishes packed with nutrition are a better bet.

Make the most of your meals with comprehensive ready-meal boxes that can set you up for the week, as they contain varied selections of food that will promote a healthy body and a healthy mind. They can include exotic vegetable soups, healthy twists on classic mid-day favourites and fantastic indulgent treats. Realise your potential with our performance-boosting portions.

Benefit From Nutrition

Though it can seem like somewhat of a buzzword at times, nutrition is extremely important, having a bearing on mood, productivity and general health. Though you may not know it, some diets are seriously lacking in selected vitamins and minerals, putting individuals at a real daily disadvantage compared to those with a balanced and nutritious intake.

Rest assured that all of our meals are cooked from scratch with fresh, local and nutritious ingredients, allowing teams to thrive in the workplace and throughout the day. From protein-packed British meat dishes to soups bursting with veggie flavour, our meals are designed to cater to whatever your dietary requirements may be.

Protein Rich Vegan Meals

It is important for individuals to consume protein on a daily basis, as protein-rich foods play a key role in the creation and maintenance of cells within our bodies. Not only does protein accelerate recovery after exercise and assist in building lean muscle, but Pow Food’s protein-rich recipes can also help you to maintain a healthy weight, by curbing hunger later in the day. Vegan protein is especially desirable, providing the benefits of traditional protein-packed courses, with veggie substitutes as an alternative. Options we sell include the popular Veggie Cottage Pie, melt-in-your-mouth Cheese Bake and surprisingly spicy Jerk Jackfruit dish.

Rich in Vitamin C, which plays a role in immune system function, for a guilt-free lunchtime treat, consider the Vegan Teriyaki Tofu. An easily prepared wellness meal with mixed peppers, green beans and carrots, enjoy with your choice of sides or sauces. A source of plant-based balanced energy, this delicious option provides Vitamin K and Manganese, contributing to energy production.

British Meat And Poultry Courses

Responsibly sourced British meat and poultry ready meals are the perfect addition to your meal routine, ensuring a reliable protein source. Chicken and lamb courses from us include our Cottage Pie Classic, Tikka Masala special and Roast Chicken with Bone Broth. Portioned appropriately as a filling and irresistible kick, meat and poultry dishes are great sources of protein, while also offering other nutrients your body needs, like iodine, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and essential fatty acids.

Made with free-range chicken breast and served with coconut brown rice, kidney beans, sweetcorn and peas, our Spiced Jerk Chicken dish isn’t your typical uninspiring lunchtime or evening meal. Indulgently healthy yet low in fat, this fantastic option is a trusted source of live bacterial cultures that supports gut health and a functional digestive system.

Fish Delicacies

Rich in calcium and phosphorus, fish is a great source of minerals, most notably iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins D and B2 can be found in the creamy British Fish Pie, meanwhile, our award-winning Golden Goan Fish Curry is low in sugar, and can be heated in a microwave or oven from frozen. Providing the goodness to power you through a busy day, never miss out on anything with a source of delicious slow-releasing energy.

Scrumptious Soups

Though soups are seen as a somewhat bland lunch option, we have reinvented this staple food, with healthy-yet-flavoursome recipes, perfect for crusty bread dipping. Consider the Vegan Leek And Potato Soup, with subtle hints of nutmeg and flaxseed oil, cast your eye over the vibrant Tomato And Chickpea portions or try something new, with our unique surprisingly tasty Carrot And Ginger blend. Rich in taste and simply packed to the brim with veggie fibres, a warm and nutritious bowl of our speciality range soup is the perfect remedy for those cold mornings.

Moreish Desserts

Don’t be misled by our devilishly tasty desserts - these gorgeous treats are as healthy as they are indulgent. From brownies and mousse’ to berry-based truffle balls, our nutritionists have found the ideal compromise between light deliciousness and health-conscious recipe ingredients. Made with avocado and whipped into a creamy trademark texture, the Vegan Cacao Mousse is one to savour - ideal as an addition to your main Pow Food dish, or consumed as a snack. Pear Frangipani portions come served with a generous dollop of organic créme fraiche, kept chilled to retain natural flavours and goodness.

Sustainability And Our Values

At Pow Food, we’re committed to domestic industries, buying 100% British meat and fish, and as many British vegetables, fruits and salads as possible. Highlighting the importance of supporting the British economy and local businesses during these testing times, we have made sustainable business practices one of the core elements of the company. Creating a great product alone isn’t enough, so we ensure that we adhere to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Be it through our packaging, managing food waste, or by giving back to the community, we go above and beyond to be recognised as a responsible business. Our packaging meets the balance between practical effectiveness and environmental consideration, keeping your food nicely frozen while being kinder to the planet. To do this, we use recyclable boxes and compostable thermal liners made from sheep’s wool, while all food packaging can also be recycled or composted.

POW Food: Healthy Meals For Any Occasion

At POW Food, we retain over 25 years of high-end catering experience, taking a huge amount of pride in the dishes we create. Valued by countless customers, our team of specialist nutritionists appreciate the importance of taste, quality and the genuine health benefits of freshly sourced superfood. Our lovingly prepared meals offer fantastic flavours and rich nutritional value, making them the secret ingredient for a happy, healthy life. Any questions? Simply contact us today!

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