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How An Office Food Delivery Service is The Way Forward For Businesses

How An Office Food Delivery Service is The Way Forward For Businesses

Have you ever considered an office food delivery service? These types of services have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. Having a deliciously nutritious lunch every day isn’t always on the cards when we are left to our own devices. However, an office food delivery service is an exceptionally simple way to not only make sure your workforce is being catered for but also a whole other range of benefits… With this in mind, here in this blog we are going to explore why exactly opting for a food delivery service can be so beneficial and why you may wish to have one in place in your workplace!

Appreciating your workforce

Whatever line of work you are in, one thing unites all businesses and that is that it is incredibly important that your employees feel valued and appreciated. If the workplace you run has the anticipation for employees to be flexible in working overtime or slightly longer hours, making sure that they are well catered for is a really important thing. By regularly supplying nutritional lunches and healthy snacks, your employees will be incredibly appreciative that you are giving them varied and delicious food to fuel their bodies. Giving your employees a readily available and nutritional lunch perhaps as well as a few healthy snacks are going to pay dividends for them and you. It is a substantial morale booster for your workforce, helping them to realise that they are being appreciated and cared for. As well as this they will know that you are making a concerted effort to elevate their job satisfaction. There are few greater ways to show that their wellbeing matters to you than ensuring they are well catered for. In the long term, something so simple as this will make substantial strides toward increasing productivity and boosting overall well-being.

Healthier and happier employees

It's easy to sense when morale isn’t amazing at work. If you’re looking for a constructive way to increase productivity and morale, an office food delivery service could well be it. It isn’t uncommon for people to forget to bring lunch and then ‘panic buy’ some kind of convenience food. Fast food, as convenient as it is, isn’t going to fuel your body and keep you going. Worse than this, if there is little time to head somewhere nearby, they could end up using the vending machine and just grabbing a packet of crisps or bar of chocolate, certainly less than ideal when you’ve got a full afternoon ahead of you. Doing this often causes people to have what is commonly referred to as a ‘sugar crash’. This causes you to have a major dip in energy not too long after you have eaten your snacks. Having a healthy lunch delivery service as well as the option of a few healthy snacks around is really going to allow you to get the best out of your employees. As well as this, they are going to be sharp, energised and feeling good throughout the day. A better diet does not just positively impact your mood, it has also proven to improve cognitive function, energy levels, and it can also help to positively impact your stress levels too! All of these factors impact your overall mood and wellbeing, impacting your performance at work as well as how you feel in general.

Better energy levels

It has been noted that when people fuel their bodies with good food, they are much more energised. Whatever line of work you are in, no doubt having energy is something of a priority. All of us want to feel the ball. Not to mention the fact that when you’re at work, this energy you feel is going to go into the work itself. It's perhaps pretty unsurprising that low energy levels equal low levels of productivity. All of us want to prevent the dreaded spikes in blood sugar and the inevitable caffeine crashes. Ensuring your workforce has healthy lunches and snacks is a mutually beneficial thing to do. Look at it this way, they’re getting the best out of themselves and you are too! The kinds of snacks that are going to really fuel your employees are going to be nutrient-rich. Some of the key ingredients are commonly the likes of vitamin C, magnesium, B12, and folic acid. All of these things have both long and short term effects on mood and energy levels. This is particularly useful for preventing the classic mid-afternoon slump that tends to leave a lot of us feeling especially drained and somewhat sluggish.

Greater productivity

As we have previously touched on, a stronger sense of energy is going to equate to increased productivity. Feeling peckish in the afternoon often leads to feeling sleepy and distracted (understandably so) but of course, making sure employees are well fed and there are delicious and healthy snacks on offer, really does go along well and is no doubt a gesture that is really appreciated. Food packed with sugar and loaded full of carbohydrates, although it can be what our bodies crave when low on energy, isn't necessarily the best solution for us. This is what is gonna cause us to crash or end up feeling super sluggish. This can be a real pain and can result in us playing catch up out of hours in our own time to make up for this lack of productivity during work hours. You certainly don’t need to be hyperfocused on fitness or wellbeing to encourage a health-focused workplace. Having healthy lunches and snacks provided are an excellent way to deal with this. Healthy employees are certainly going to feel happier and more productive. With that in mind, it may come as no shock that the healthier your employees are, the greater levels of work they’re able to do and they will no doubt be performing at a more consistent level too.

POW Food: Healthy and Nutritious Office Food Delivery

At POW Food, we’re focused on powering wellness. We provide nutritionally balanced food that doesn’t compromise on flavour throughout London and across the country. Each dish is handcrafted by chefs using only the best quality ingredients. Our founder spotted a gap in the market for great-tasting, nutritious food for corporate clients and created POW to make sure your staff are well fed and looked after. When choosing us, you also choose to help the world become a better place. We donate a percentage of every meal sold to City Harvest, who work to feed underprivileged children in London and donate weekly to food banks. In terms of caring for the environment, all of our packaging is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable and we are committed to ensuring our carbon footprint is as minimal as possible. Let our list of high profile clients speak for themselves to show how we provide exceptional service to industry giants and get in touch on 0345 340 5397 to find out how we can improve the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce. Or contact us via our website to explore our full range of healthy ready meals, snack boxes and soups.
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