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From Home Delivery Ready Meals To Creating A Productive Workspace: How To Optimise Working From Home

From Home Delivery Ready Meals To Creating A Productive Workspace: How To Optimise Working From Home

With up to 60% of the UK’s adult population working from home during the first coronavirus lockdown, businesses are realising that the new hybrid working strategy may be an effective change moving forward. With time now regularly split between office and home working, there are a selection of useful tips to account for when setting up your space. Whether you’re entering data into a spreadsheet or communicating with clients on a regular basis, here are just an assortment of the practical ways you can optimise working from home, including workspace suggestions and gold standard group catering solutions.

Get Some Fresh Air

Though most hybrid working schedules will only involve 2 or 3 days working away from the office, some jobs will certainly involve more time cooped up inside than others. Getting outside as much as possible is a sensible idea, with research suggesting that fresh air helps us to relax and clear our minds. Just 29 minutes spent outdoors results in a 45% increase in productivity according to studies, and as demanding as it can be working from the home office, why not go for a light stroll or jog your lunch break? Catch up on some gardening tasks? Sit outside and read a chapter of that new book you just ordered? Whatever it is you choose to do, ensure you have spare time every day to breathe in some fresh air and embrace nature.

Pick The Correct Workspace

Outdated computer hardware may be one of the leading causes of concern now we’re working away from the office, but there's far more to a productive workspace than a flashy new PC. investing in a desk which keeps your monitor screen at eye-level is advisable, while a comfortable chair which doesn’t strain the back is also a suggestion. Unreliable internet access can also be a burden, with laggy speeds sure to become a nuisance over time. A speedy broadband connection is essential if you're going to work efficiently online. Some requirements for your space may be job or industry specific, with a reliable mobile phone setup or landline connection advisable for some roles.

Keep Things Clean!

Maintaining a clean home workspace over time can avoid mess accumulating and posing larger problems further down the line. Having a cluttered desk significantly increases your chances of losing important items or paperwork, and you may want to make a good impression with a manager or client by displaying a perfectly organised desk space. There Are countless advantages to keeping a clean home office space, and improved productivity is just one of them. Taking stock of essential items and storing unneeded supplies in a desk is advisable, with studies even showing that organisation is one of the keys to success when working remotely.

Minimise External Distractions

It can be difficult for children, pets and noisy housemates to understand that when you’re working from home, you’re not available. You will want to make sure that the members of your household are aware that your work room is out of bounds, and any loud exterior noises or additional distractions are likely to be an annoyance. Informing your family or housemates about your hours in advance may be worthwhile, during which time they should avoid disturbing you unless it’s an absolute emergency. You may also want to consider where your home office is located. Setting up your space in the dining area may not be wise if people are likely to be using it around you, and choosing that room at the front of the house which brings in noise from the main road outside might not be ideal.

Give Yourself Time To Adjust

Although we’ve been feeling the effects of the pandemic for a while now, the shake-up to office life is still an unusual situation and may still take some getting used to. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that you might still take some time to adjust to the new normal. Being realistic about what you can achieve given the circumstances is a sensible thought process, and remember to set aside time for yourself once your work is done. Just as it’s important to set yourself sensible hours and work when you need to, you still need to give yourself time for home and family life when you need it. Don’t extend the work day beyond what you planned or what is reasonable, or you risk burning yourself out. One thing you seriously don’t want is to merge your work life and home life, learn to separate the two.

Make The Most Of Meal Delivery

Nutrition is one of the key factors to ensuring wellbeing and productivity, which is why it’s important to prioritise putting healthy foods into our bodies. A food delivery service can make this a little more achievable by providing you and your employees with delicious and nutritious meals which are designed to make you feel great, and when you feel great, productivity comes easily. Ensuring a high-quality diet for your employees will improve the quality of work completed because food has a direct impact on the way we feel. At POW Food Ltd we work with leading nutritionists to produce food which helps support our mental and physical performance, and with local charities to help feed underprivileged families. Offering  advanced catering solutions made in our 5 star HACCP certified central kitchen, all of our group catering services fully comply with COVID-19 government guidelines.

Our Award-Winning Ready Meals

We use 100% ethically sourced, free-range British meat, while all fish used within our meals is sustainable and sourced from British waters. Our locally sourced, high-grade plant produce is soaked in a natural solution to remove any pesticide traces, feeding a positive work culture in the process. Below are just a selection of the ready meals that we can provide for you via our home or office food delivery service:

Chicken Tapenade

Free range chicken breasts stuffed with an olive and red pepper tapenade, served with rainbow ratatouille and sweet potato mash. A source of protein which is low in fat and salt, as well as a source of vitamin A which contributes to healthy skin, vision and immune system functions.

Sesame Crusted Tofu Teriyaki

Crust served with shiitake mushroom and fermented black bean brown rice with green vegetables and carrots. A source of vitamin K and manganese which contributes to energy production, and rich in vitamin C which plays a role in immune system functions.

Vegan Amazonian Cacao And Three Bean Chilli

Three bean cacao chilli with black rice, English peas and sweetcorn. Low in fat and high in fibre, offering 180% of your recommended daily intake of fibre. Also high in copper, B6, phosphorus and folate which contribute to energy production and immune system health.

Best Versions Fish Pie

Sustainable British sourced fish and vegetable pie, topped with maris piper potato and cauliflower mash. Nourishing, wholesome and filling, high in protein and low in saturated fat.

Snack Selection At POW Food Ltd

From indulgent treats to nutritious bite-sized nibbles, at POW Food Ltd, we can provide a range of snacks to your fleet of employees working from home. Our assortment includes:

Signature Superfood Snack Box

A collection of our signature nutritional snacks, including vegan and raw kale chips, rosemary and chilli mixed nuts, vegan raw beetroot flax crackers, organic gluten and dairy free brownies and vegan oat truffle balls.

Box Of Six Mixed Oat Truffle POW Balls

A selection box of six mixed matcha, chocolate protein and berry rose oat truffle POW balls.

Box Of Mixed Brownies

A box of our signature gluten and dairy free focus and balance brownies. Enriched with rosemary and goji berries drenched in orange or accompanied by chia seeds and sour cherries.

POW Food Ltd: Healthy Work From Home Lunches And Office Food Delivery

If you’d like some help supporting your mind and body performance, are strapped for time, or simply don’t like cooking then POW performance healthy ready meals and plans are just for you! Delivered to your doorstep, Nationwide. We put a lot of pride in our food preparation to ensure we optimise nutritional value as well as flavour. Throughout the process, from planning to delivery, we prioritise high-quality food over macros and calories and focus on providing high-end frozen meals with nutritional consistency. Over the last 20 years, we have cultivated our processes to create superior-quality ready meals with perfectly balanced ingredients to enhance productivity and energy. We believe our chef home meals have the ideal combination of ingredients to provide you with everything you need to get through the day feeling great. Contact us today for more information on office food delivery or group catering.
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