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Five Reasons Office Catering is so Popular Right Now

Five Reasons Office Catering is so Popular Right Now

Office catering. You might find it supplied during a long meeting, a training day or a special occasion. But why does it have to be reserved for only once in a blue moon? Office catering is a growing market right now, with many businesses working to provide meals for their employees. It doesn’t just provide you with a meal to ease your rumbling stomach, but it has many benefits to the morale and health of your staff. But who can provide nutritious, cost-effective catering to keep your workers fed?

POW Food

Enter Pow Food. We are an award-winning catering service specialising in supplying corporate clients with the best quality lunch. We have developed a menu that strays away from calories and quantities to instead highlight the quality and nutritional value of what you eat. All of our catering solutions are fully compliant with COVID-19 government guidelines, with all our team highly trained in health and safety and the procedures related to food and beverage. Our delivery vans are sanitised daily so you know your food will reach you safely and securely. Wondering the reasons why office catering is so popular right now? Read on to find out why and how it can benefit your business.

Increase productivity

Someone can spend on average 7 hours a day at a desk, 5 days a week, for over 30 years. So why waste another hour every day sitting there for lunch? If an employee frequently has lunch at their desk, they can find it difficult to switch between work and relaxation, which in turn could lead to burnout. While taking lunch at your desk it can be easy to slip back into work mode when your brain should be taking a well-earned break for an hour. By providing a chance to get away from their desks and enjoy a meal, it can boost positivity and reinvigorate staff to get through the rest of the day. Stepping away from computer screens and the atmosphere of a workplace can give your brain a break which will improve concentration and energy. It helps to solidify the importance of a work-life balance. It also provides an opportunity to move around, helping negate any posture or stiffness your desk might be causing. Mental benefits aside, a nutritional meal will provide you with the fuel to power through an afternoon of work. A meal should give you the energy to carry on working, so eating something that isn’t very nutritional will leave you at a disadvantage heading into the rest of the workday. Our meals are enriched with minerals and vitamins and easy to digest, meaning you’ll feel the benefits quickly after eating.

Menu control - low in sodium, no refined sugars and gluten-free ready meals

Lunch breaks can often find themselves being stuck in a rut, eating the same type of sandwich or last nights dinner every single day. So why not add some variety to your meal? POW Food offers a wide range of dishes, meaning you’re not stuck eating the same half warm spag bol heated up. We have options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and are happy to support food preferences, such as gluten-free and vegan choices. We’d all like to say we’re the type of people who pack a hearty soup or salad for lunch every day. But many will find themselves resorting to other options. With POW Food you’re also providing a healthy meal for your employees. This way they won’t have to load up on food packed with sugar from a vending machine or nearby fast-food restaurants. Our food options are designed by nutritionists and crafted by chefs for optimum nutrition and taste. They’re both low in sodium and high in fibre while releasing slow-burn carbs to get you through the rest of the day. We’re happy to use 100% natural ingredients meaning you can enjoy your meal knowing there are no additives, sweeteners, flavourings, preservatives, refined sugar, artificial colours or pesticides.


Here at POW Food, we are happy to offer discounts when you order more meals. Two meals will save you just under £10 while ordering five meals in one delivery can save you up to £38.75 on your order. A whole workplace can be fed with a food drop of 20 meals. Our team will work hard to deliver to your London based office within two hours. Savings not to be missed! All of our prices include postage and packing so no hidden fees are lurking to be paid. We don’t just offer main meals, we also stock snack boxes of brownies and truffle balls, a range of hearty soups and lifestyle products ranging from kombucha and cold-pressed juices to supplements and immune formulas. These can help promote a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside work. Like our meals, they have been created with your health and wellbeing in mind to increase productivity and boost your energy levels.

Team bonding

Food has been used to bring people together for as long as can be remembered. So why not have that in the office? Too many people eat alone today, either because they’re eating at separate places or just don’t know their coworkers that well. Having a catering option in the office can have a great effect on the wellbeing of staff. It can be a time to rest and relax, improve relationships and staff morale. Office catering, therefore, provides a team bonding experience without anyone even realising it. It can be way too easy to work in isolation nowadays so giving staff much needed social time is key to their mental health. By working on personal relationships between staff, it can improve their work relationships with each other. A study at Cornell found that employees who eat together had significantly better performance than those who work alone. It nurtures a familial like bonding experience that turns strangers into friends. So by your team bonding, your business will benefit. If you’re considering office catering, make sure you have a dedicated area for your staff to sit together and enjoy the food. Having a few sofas or some tables provides a different environment for them to bond in, away from the formality of office furniture. Maybe consider investing in a coffee machine so everyone can enjoy a nice cuppa with their meal.

Fueling remote workers

Just because an employee isn’t in the office doesn’t mean they have to miss out on office catering. We offer nationwide delivery on our range of products to ensure your remote workers aren’t forgotten about. We are also pleased to offer our Empower service, which offers healthy meals and workout packages to remote workers. Working from home can feel quite isolating, so this program helps to support your mental health while increasing your energy and performance levels. It allows you to optimise your lunch hour in three easy steps:
  1. Heat your meal to be ready in just 30 minutes
  2. Move and be mindful by selecting a yoga, mindfulness or fitness class from one of our top instructors
  3. Eat & engage by enjoying your amazing POW meal by yourself or online with your team
Our instructors are all trained professionals and proud to offer a range of classes from meditation and mobility to strengthening and yoga. A productive lunch hour can help break up the day and provide an opportunity to reset and refuel, which can lead to an increase in afternoon productivity.

POW Food: Ready-Cooked Meals Delivered to Your Door

At POW Food, we’re focused on powering wellness. We provide nutritionally balanced food that doesn’t compromise on flavour throughout London and across the country. Each dish is handcrafted by chefs using only the best quality ingredients. Our founder spotted a gap in the market for great-tasting, nutritious food for corporate clients and created POW to make sure your staff are well fed and looked after. When choosing us, you also choose to help the world become a better place. We donate a percentage of every meal sold to City Harvest, who work to feed underprivileged children in London and donate weekly to food banks. In terms of caring for the environment, all of our packaging is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable and we are committed to ensuring our carbon footprint is as minimal as possible. Let our list of high profile clients speak for themselves to show how we provide exceptional service to industry giants and get in touch on 0345 340 5397 to find out how we can improve the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce. Or contact us via our website to explore our full range of healthy ready meals, snack boxes and soups.
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