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The Importance of Nutrition in Workplace Wellness

The Importance of Nutrition in Workplace Wellness

The most valuable asset of your organisation is your workforce, and keeping your employees engaged, healthy and happy plays a key role in their performance, the paramount component to a successful company. Studies have shown a huge 300% return on investment with workplace wellness strategies, proving to be one of the most effective routes to yield an increase in productivity, profitability and reduce absenteeism within a company.

What is a workplace wellness programme?

Workplace wellness is any measure taken by an organisation to support the wellbeing of your workforce. Components of a Wellness programme should aim to include the 5 pillars of Wellness, being Physical, Psychological, Social, Environmental and Economic. Nutrition initiatives have shown to overlap with all factors and proved to rank as one of the most effective routes to make a difference, quickly within a workforce. Research has shown that poor diets can impact productivity by up to 66%, 54% of employees are more likely to stay at a company with subsidised meals and that offering free, quality lunches to employees provides 150% ROI. While the traditional Pret a Manger and EAT chains have dominated the market for a long time, with the increased awareness in nutrition and conscious sourcing of food it is companies such as ours POW Food that are making a difference to how and what workforces are eating. Food-focused wellness programmes, and providing heathy food at work seems to be a strong initial step forward, facilitating an office culture of health and wellness that employees can carry into their lives at home.


Over 70% of Brits are on a diet, and while we are all becoming more conscious of what we’re eating, over 30% of us find it difficult to maintain healthy eating at work due to food choices, time and difficulty in sourcing healthy options. Here are some easy ways to encourage healthy eating at work in a cost effective way, optimising workforce productivity and staff retention.

Make it easy!

By giving your workforce the resources to source healthy options and by replacing the unhealthy food available in your office, employees will organically make more conscious choices. Swap the free morning pastries, crisps and mindless unhealthy snacks with healthy food options that increase focus and energy make a huge difference.

Increase awareness and educate!

Knowledge is power and organising a Wellness Nutrition workshop, connecting employees to nutritional resources and information empowers individuals to make the clever choices themselves and feel inspired to eat healthily.

Reward your staff!

Employee feeding, or subsidised meals are a fast growing trend to improve office culture and encourage healthy eating. With many employees finding it difficult to find the time to head out of the office for lunch and source a healthy option, providing employee meals delivered straight to the office is a wonderful option that also increases staff retention.

Lunch Breaks.

Creating an environment where staff feel able to take their full lunch break is something that is often overlooked, despite us knowing its importance. A lunch break encourages staff to engage with one another, eat a proper meal and get some fresh air – all components that highly improve your office culture. Don’t discount office environment, staff incentives, mindfulness, group exercise and challenges. Making the steps to improve your office culture, making it an engaging, forward thinking and exciting environment encourages your employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, feel positive, empowered and enjoy working at your company. Take the first steps to reaching your full potential. If you would like us to design a nutritional plan to help build WELLNESS food into your team feeding programme - please email us to speak to an account manager.
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