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How Using a Healthy Meal Delivery Service Can Benefit Your Business and Employees

How Using a Healthy Meal Delivery Service Can Benefit Your Business and Employees

Nutrition is one of the key factors to ensuring wellbeing and productivity, which is why it's important to prioritise putting healthy foods into our bodies. While we would all like to be the type of person that wakes up at 6 am, does a workout and prepares a healthy breakfast and lunch before cycling to work, it feels out of reach for some of us who live busy lifestyles. However, an office food delivery service can make this a little more achievable by providing you and your employees with delicious and nutritious meals which are designed to make you feel great, and when you feel great, productivity comes naturally. Finding a great meal delivery service to provide healthy work from home lunches will allow your employees to be more productive, helping your business thrive. A well-balanced diet will provide you with the nutrients your body needs to function properly and optimise energy levels leading to numerous advantages, which you will notice when you begin to prioritise fueling your body. Here are the benefits of using a meal delivery service for your employees.

Increase productivity with healthy ready meal delivery

When it comes to having healthy, happy employees, it’s a no-brainer that the productivity in the office will increase if they eat well. Ensuring a high-quality diet for your office will improve the quality of work completed because food has a direct impact on the way we feel. A low-quality diet can lead to feelings of fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate and higher levels of stress and depression. If you’re not feeling your best, then it will be impossible to work at your best. Many of us will succumb to fast food or meal deals during our week in the office because we don’t have time to fix up a well thought out meal that requires preparation such as going to the supermarket and cooking before work. These kinds of low-quality food choices, high in processed sugar and fat can lead to energy dips and fatigue during the day, whereas you should be seeking foods that will give you a slow release of energy to power you through the day at a consistent rate. The food we eat is also said to have links to our mental health and can worsen mental disorders if you’re not choosing optimal foods for your brain. By choosing a meal delivery service that provides healthy work from home lunches or office food delivery, your employees will have more time in their day to do other things without having to think about buying and preparing food, and the food they do eat will be optimal for their wellbeing. These factors will ensure your office staff feel ready for the day and have enough energy to maintain productivity levels until 5 o’clock.

Reducing stress levels through workplace nutrition

Sometimes, stress levels in the workplace can be unavoidable, with heavy workloads and tight deadlines, it can be challenging to stay stress-free during the working week. However, the food we eat also has an impact on stress and can be used to regulate the physiological changes to our body. Our adrenal glands are responsible for the production of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and are significantly affected by blood sugar levels. Avoiding foods high in processed sugars and fats and replacing them with whole, natural foods will have a positive effect on your hormones. As well as picking the right foods, it's important not to skip meals and give your body a regular intake of foods that are good for you. The food you eat during the day should be filled with vitamin B and C and magnesium in order to maintain a healthy production of stress hormones and support the adrenal cortex. Healthy ready meal delivery will ensure that everyone in your office will get a hearty meal and that no one has to skip meals if they are too busy or too stressed to think about lunch.

Show your employees you value them

The past year has been a tough one for everyone, many people have lost their jobs or got new ones, so showing your employee’s they’re valued and important to you is the best possible thing you can do for your business. Employees don’t want to feel like their hard work is going unnoticed so introducing an office food delivery service is bound to get them excited to come into the office and enjoy the time they spend there. Increasing company morale and creating better relationships with your staff will increase your employee’s length of service and reduce staff turnover creating a stronger business and a better work environment. Many healthy ready meal delivery services provide other great services as part of their packages including lunchtime meditation, interactive webinars and birthday tastings and workshops to make the office more lively and exciting.

Help your employees utilise their lunch break

Working from home has thrust us into an entirely new dynamic and we’ve had to adapt to this new situation while dealing with external pressures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing a lunch delivery service for your employees will help them to make the most of their lunch hour and come back for the afternoon refreshed and energised. Most healthy work from home lunches can be delivered nationwide and will only take up to 30 minutes to cook, giving them the option to fill that time with useful practices such as meditation and yoga. When your team works fully remote, it could even be beneficial to promote a social lunch break where you all eat your meals together on video chat, aiming to decrease low mood  and give everyone a breather from the day's work.

Good workplace nutrition leads to improved focus

Our jobs require us to stay focused all day which can be challenging when we aren’t feeding our brains with enough of the right types of foods. The brain only comprises 2% of an adult's weight but it uses 20% of the energy produced by the body which is why it’s important to pick foods optimal for the brain. There are foods that are known to improve concentration such as blueberries and avocado so using a meal delivery service that is curated by nutritionists will ensure the right types of foods are used to enhance focus. A nutritionist has vast knowledge of the best types of foods for focus, productivity and reducing stress, so will prioritise these in the recipes they deliver. Using a healthy ready meal delivery service will leave all the hard work down to someone else so you and your employees can focus on getting your work done as a team with better workplace nutrition.

Healthy ready meal deliveries will cater to dietary requirements

If any member of staff has specific dietary needs it can be difficult for them to prepare food for the week and it may take up a lot of their time. It could also decrease their enjoyment of food because they feel restricted by what they can eat. An office lunch delivery service will be able to cater to the needs of everyone in your office and ensure they receive a healthy, tasty meal. This will allow them to feel more included in the team by sharing meals and not feel embarrassed because they have to say no to certain foods. Not only will a healthy balanced diet help your employees mentally feel good, but it will also help them to feel better physically. A good diet will help aid sleep and give them the energy they need to get up and start their day. It will also help them to maintain a healthy weight which can be an issue in a sedentary job, this will help improve their self-esteem and confidence, overall making them much happier.

POW Food provides great workplace nutrition through healthy ready meal delivery

Here at POW Food, we’re revolutionising the way people are eating in the office and providing tasty solutions that promote productivity, concentration, reduced stress levels and workplace nutrition through meals delivered to your office or home. Our team is made up of people passionate about eating well including our head chef Charles Merrington, who creates delicious food using only high-grade and responsibly sourced ingredients. We offer high-end meal planning and delivery to both your home or the office and all our meals are predominantly gluten and dairy-free allowing everyone the option to enjoy delicious meals with their team. Our philosophy aims to reduce food waste, support immunity and increase energy, focus and productivity by up to 25%. We also offer lunchtime meditations and interactive webinars to further increase the morale in your office and ensure everyone comes back from lunch feeling refreshed. Get in touch with our team today to discover more about our services and how it can benefit you and your employees.
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