Balance sharing protein – 24hr marinated turkey, aubergine chermoula, carb, salad and dessert

£17.50 per head

Meat: 24-hour marinated turkey

Vegetarian: Aubergine chermoula

Carb: Red rice Tabouleh

Salad: Fennel slaw

Dressing: POW MCT and kaffir Tzatziki dressing

Dessert: Balance brownie with oat cream and super fruit confit

POW Buffets are designed for six or more people.  You can choose from a meat and vegetarian option, a fish and vegetarian option or a meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan option. Minimum order quantity is six people.

Please remember to add your order comments when you check out, especially any information regarding the number of vegetarians/vegans and any allergy information. All our carbs and salad side dishes and desserts are suitable for vegetarians and many for vegans.

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Lean Protein 24 hour marinated Turkey

Ingredients: Turkey boneless breast, Passata, Siracha, Fennel seeds, Cumin, Peppercorns, Coriander, Unrefined sugar, Garlic, Smoked paprika, Oregano, Cayenne pepper, Olive oil, Cacao , Lemon juice and zest
Allergens: none

Aubergine Chermoula

Ingredients: Aubergine, Quinoa, Matcha, Olive oil, Rose harissa paste, Cherry tomato, Kombu, Green olives, Pea Protein, Coriander, Almonds, Sunflowers seeds, Dates, ras el hanout
Allergens: nuts

Slow burn carb red rice Tabouleh

Ingredients: Red rice, star anise, olive oil, lemon, cucumber, tomatoes, kombu, mint, parsley
Allergens: none

Fennel Slaw

Ingredients: Fennel, carrots, mint, red onion, kale, white cabbage, cider vinegar, dijon, MCT, hemp oil
Allergens: mustard


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