POW Pear Frangipani Pot

£3.50 per pot

This pot contains three bite-size piece of POW’s home-made Pear Frangipani gluten-free, cake. A great boost for a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Gluten Free



Pear Frangipani Cake

Ingredients: gluten free flour, goats butter, coconut oil, organic eggs, almonds ground, cinnamon oil Conference pears, Рallergens eggs Рmilk Рnuts

Product is avaialble in below zipcode areas.
E1* E2* EC1* EC2* EC3* EC4* N1* NW1* NW8* SW1* SW3* SW6* SW7* W1* W12* W14* W2* W3* W4* W8* WC1* WC2* e1* e2* ec1* ec2* ec3* ec4* n1* nw1* nw8* sw1* sw3* sw6* sw7* w1* w12* w14* w2* w3* w4* w8* wc1* wc2*

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