POW Ball Pot

£5.00 pot

Little pot of goodness contain four POW superboost balls, one each of POW Matcha, POW Super Mocha, POW Berry Rose, POW protein

Dairy Free

Gluten Free



POW Matcha

Ingredients: Matcha = rolled oats, dates, linseed flax, LDN honey, almond butter, desiccated coconut, coconut oil, pea protein, Matcha, super greens – allergen nuts

POW Super Mocha

Ingredients: Super Mocha – rolled oats, almonds, desiccated coconut, dates, almond butter, cacao powder, cinnamon oil, coconut oil, espresso, pea protein – allergens – nuts

POW Berry Rose

Ingredients: rolled oats, ground almond, dates, desiccated coconut, almond butter, coconut oil, goji berries, rose oil, raspberry powder. – allergen nuts and sulphur dioxide

POW protein

Ingredients: rolled oats, cacao powder, pea protein, coconut sugar, almond butter, maca powder, pitted dates, coconut oil, coconut desiccated, dried goji berries, ground almonds Рallergens nuts and sulphur dioxide

Product is avaialble in below zipcode areas.
E1* E2* EC1* EC2* EC3* EC4* N1* NW1* NW8* SW1* SW3* SW6* SW7* W1* W12* W14* W2* W3* W4* W8* WC1* WC2* e1* e2* ec1* ec2* ec3* ec4* n1* nw1* nw8* sw1* sw3* sw6* sw7* w1* w12* w14* w2* w3* w4* w8* wc1* wc2*

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