Probiotic Balance – 4 items PLUS Dessert

£16.50 per head

This buffet includes 4 items, plus your choice of Dessert or Fruit: including Lean Protein 24 hour marinated Turkey / Lean Protein Aubergine Chermoula / Slow burn carb Red Rice Tabouleh / Fennel Slaw served with POW MCT and kaffir Tzatiki dressing

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This buffet includes 4 items, plus your choice of Dessert or Fruit:

Lean Protein 24 hour marinated Turkey

Ingredients: Turkey boneless breast, Passata, Siracha, Fennel seeds, Cumin, Peppercorns, Coriander, Unrefined sugar, Garlic, Smoked paprika, Oregano, Cayenne pepper, Olive oil, Ccao , Lemon juice and zest
Allergens: none

Lean Protein Aubergine Chermoula

Ingredients: Aubergine, Quinoa, Matcha, Olive oil, Rose harissa paste, Cherry tomato, Kombu, Green olives, Pea Protein, Coriander, Almonds, Sunflowers seeds, Dates, ras el hanout
Allergens: nuts

Slow burn carb Red Rice Tabouleh

Ingredients: Red rice, Star anise, Olive oil, lemon, cucumber, tomatoes, comb, Mint, Parsley
Allergens: none

Fennel Slaw

Ingredients: Fennel, Carrots, Mint, red onion, Kale, White cabbage, cider vinegar, Dijon, MCT, Hemp oil
Allergens: mustard

PLUS your choice of

POW Banofee Pie

Ingredients: Almonds, walnuts, dates, coconut oil, coconut cream, dates, banana, vanilla bean, Maca tahini, Himalayan salt
Allergens: nuts and sesame

POW Avocado & Chocolate Desserts

Ingredients: Avocado, maple syrup, coconut oil, puffed rice, hazelnuts, desiccated coconut, rolled oats, dates, raw cacao, strawberries
Allergens: nuts and sulphur dioxide

POW Sliced Fruit and Berries

Ingredients: Trio of melon and berry selection
Allergens: None

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