POW Food Services

  • Breakfast
  • Lunches – Buffet & Team-feeding
  • All-day grazing
  • Afternoon tea
  • Directors Dining
  • Pop-ups

staff meetings and team feeding

POW food is designed to inspire a more positive office culture. attract talent, drive engagement, boost happiness and raise productivity.
Its not just about buying staff a meal they would buy for themselves; its about buying them a balanced meal with good nutritional value that will help them stay well and productive.
Booster breakfasts pots from £3.00, nutritional lunches from £8.50 and powerful reviver’s from £2.00 per head.

client meetings and pitches

Impress clients and enhance your company reputation by boosting every meeting with the advantage of food that is vibrant, delicious and nutritionally designed for WELLNESS.
POW is always well signed and nothing is lost on attendees.

POW staff rewards

Our staff rewards are an economical way to retain staff whilst ensuring their mood and energy levels are boosted throughout the day. Please call us if you would like to place a larger or more regular order so we can offer you a more competitive rate.

press days and conference

Any press day or conference will benefit from the “remarkable” and intelligent menus from POW food – your clients will comment during and after – POW food is always memorable.
Ask us about our bespoke brand enhancing services

POW workplace nutrition workshops

More companies are understanding the importance of WELLNESS within their workplace and how food is one of the best ways to implement WELLNESS inclusively.
Help us help you educate your key staff in Workplace Nutrition so that you are well informed in exactly how this can be done within budget.

Support Workshops

Our food is unique and specialised and therefore its important you understand all the advantages and benefits so you can use these tools to your advantage.

We offer FREE workshops to ​new clients – This workshop will be a fun lesson in how to make something very powerful to promote WELLNESS at home whilst delivering an insight into the​ key ​advantages of our food and how to use our food to impress clients; enhance client pitches and help boost ​the ​​IMMUNITY​ and WELLNESS ​of your employees.​

All this can be utilised to reinforce your brand and message.

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If you would like us to design a nutritional plan to help build WELLNESS food into your team feeding programme - please email us to speak to an account manager.

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