Power of Wellness

Power of Wellness

What We Do

We help improve workplace culture, increase productivity and support presenteeism through supplying Nutritionally designed Wellness food for your employees, conferences, events, meetings and pitches.

Our food is enriched with Super-boosters to enhance focus and Immunity, beautifully handmade by our skilled chefs and delivered right to your office – or location of choice.

We’re an SDGs focused company and are always making progress to be more sustainable and forward thinking.

*We contribute to the SDGs by working to advance sustainable development, minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts on people and the planet.”


Researchers from the Coronary Health Improvement Project found that improved workplace Nutrition; connected with social interaction and positive reinforcement; contributed to decreased depression, anxiety and stress.

How We Do It

Through team work, hard work and feedback.

Our menus have been designed, tested and fine-tuned over the past 2 years with the help of our in-house Nutritionist, co-founders, skilled chefs and Omnicom

More about how we do it ..

We believe that food should be more than just delicious, and so we’ve made ours unique, mouth – watering and functional.

Vibrant, satisfyingly filling and nutritionally designed with a purpose, POW Food meals create an experience that will impress clients and make employees feel loved.

POW Values

Assured quality

Food should be more than just delicious. Our vibrant, interesting and unique meals create an experience that will impress your clients and make employees feel valued

Building relationships

We want POW food to become an integral part of our clients’ company culture, so we’re committed to building strong, trusted relationships. We pull out all the stops to help our clients get the best possible value from POW, understanding their particular requirements and budgets to deliver a perfect service every time.


Looking after ourselves and looking after the planet are two sides of the same coin. We’re devoted to making sure that all our products are responsibly-sourced, prepared in such a way as to preserve their nutritional value.


Our belief in the healing power of food is grounded in our own personal journey. We’re driven by a passion to share the mental and physical health benefits of wellness, and to successfully integrate this into corporate cultures.


POW is a pioneer in its market, and the only company providing wellness catering to corporate clients. We promise to continue to improve Workplace Nutrition in every way possible.

The Benefits

  • Happier workforce
  • Increased concentration
  • Avoid post- meal fatigue and bloating
  • Helps maintain consistent mood and energy levels throughout the day
  • Make better emotional decisions
  • Increase employee performance
  • Increase team collaboration and cohesion
  • Increase retention and reduce HR search costs
  • Reduce absenteeism with healthier eating
  • Attract and retain new staff members
  • Impress your clients

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Meet Ali and Emily the Mother and Daughter Co – Founders of POW food

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If you would like us to design a nutritional plan to help build WELLNESS food into your team feeding programme - please email us to speak to an account manager.

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